REVIEW - Stargazer by Sunniva Dee

Thank you to Sunniva for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

So when I regretfully got to the end of this book I'm sure I made a noise kinda like "mmmmmhhhmmurgh" which is a good noise and this noise is what came out of me once I had read the last few paragraphs.

Why? One word......Cassiel.

Damn him, damn him to oblivion with his arrogant yet bewitching ways, his gorgeous good looks and his wicked personality make him one heck of a package, just hold on a minute I need to fan myself.

Right, still here? Good, let me continue, Stargazer is the follow up to the sensational Shattering Halos, this time Gaia and Gabriel take a back seat bringing to the forefront Gaia's younger sister Luna.  

Now before I say anymore, I think you could read this without having read Shattering Halos but I wouldn't recommend it as you will miss an awesome read, anyway Luna is a lot older, now at college and growing in to a stunning young woman, one that has been noticed by Cassiel, Gabriel's brother.

But she is off limits to him Gaia is pretty insistent that this roguish angel keep his mitts or should it be wings off of her little sis.  But being a woman Luna of course is totally capable of making her own bad decisions, will Cassiel be one of them?

This book isn't just about Luna and Cassiel, we do get to see more about how Gaia and Gabriel's relationship is progressing, still crazily in love with one another, they overcome everything life throws at them but Gaia is not well and Gabriel can't seem to do enough to help her, both him and Luna fear for her health, can Gaia return from her brink?

Stargazer also introduces us to Ka, Cassiel and Gabriel's brother whose instant attraction to Luna totally pisses off Cassiel and when things start to heat up between Ka and Luna, well I for one was not happy, my poor Cassiel, is Luna going to end up with Ka whose schizophrenic personality makes Cassiel shine in a totally different light.

Stargazer is not Shattering Halo's and I don't mean that as a bad thing, Cassiel is nothing like Gabriel and for that I am glad, I have read series in the past where book after book is a carbon copy of the last but just has different characters or places, Sunniva has done brilliantly in following on from Halo's using the same characters but injecting even more chemistry, sizzling sex appeal and an amazing plot that flows wonderfully all the way through linking our main characters and their lives.

Does Luna get her angel, which one will she choose, if at all?  Will Gaia recover from her troubles?  Will Cassiel get his girl?  So many questions, if you want answers head on over to your favourite bookstore and grab your copy now!

I thoroughly enjoyed this, I know I read on Goodreads that this will be a Marmite kinda read, for my international readers I mean you will either love it or hate it, well I loved it and I hope this isn't the last we hear from them, I for one could stand to read some more about my favourite bad angel.

Awarded 5 out of 5


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