Review - The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence by Stan Lee, Stuart Moore & Andie Tong

Thank you to the Disney Book Group for providing me with a copy in exchange 
for an honest review

So 2015 is finally upon us and with it comes a whole host of highly anticipated new releases, I for one am extremely excited and this book is one of these new releases, the first in a new series that is being released by the Disney Book Group at the end of this month.

The legendary Stan Lee along with Stuart Moore and Andie Tong give us the Zodiac Legacy, a new series aimed at 8 - 12 year old age range, now I am ever so slightly past that age range but I am a massive kid at heart and just the mention of Mr Stan Lee had me jumping at the chance of a sneak read.

The book literally heads straight in to the action, briefly it introduces us to Steven a 14 year old Chinese-American on a school trip to China.  His class are touring a museum and being teenagers they are needless to say giving it their full attention!  Steven notices that the young tour guide all of a sudden starts talking rubbish during the tour and then she disappears off through a door.

Ever the inquisitive teen Steven investigates, he hears screaming through the door and though most people would run a mile he decides he is going to be brave and investigate, which seems to be the right idea until he sees exactly what is happening behind the door.

Steven is amazed by what he sees, a vast room with a man on a floating platform, pools of strange liquid on the floor, scientists in white coats busily using computers and hidden in the dark shadows is the missing tour guide, what exactly is she doing?

From a high vantage point Steven watches, he discovers that the man on the platform is trying to harness Zodiac power which seems to emanate from the pools and from on high Steven sees that he seems to be succeeding, that man is Maxwell the head of Vanguard, he is not to be trusted and as all bad guys are is hungry for power.  

The Zodiac pools will give him the different powers of the signs of Chinese Zodiac, the horse, the tiger, the dragon etc.  The dragon is the most powerful and the one that Maxwell covets the most, obviously he wants them all but before he can get all of the powers, the tour guide reveals herself and all hell breaks loose.  

The power of the dragon splits between Maxwell and the guide who is revealed to be Jasmine, Steven who has now been discovered in his hiding place is pulled in to the action along with Jasmine and one of the scientists Carlos who is a double agent.

They manage to put a halt to Maxwell absorbing the rest of the powers but in the tussle they accidentally manage to release powers in to the world and Steven gets in on the action too by getting in the way of the tiger powers, absorbing the power of this magnificent beast and transforming him totally.  Maxwell has absorbed many of the powers but the dragon the one he covets so much has split and he is horrified to share it with Jasmine.

Together Steven, Jasmine and Carlos escape, just as the vast room collapses around them trapping Maxwell at the bottom, he is by no means dead but for now he is not going anywhere so our group make a run for it but not before Steven whispers a quick goodbye to his school friends.

Steven is totally bewildered as to what has gone on, it has happened so quickly and now he finds himself on the run with two complete strangers, one of which seems to have the power of the dragon plus he is still floored by the fact he has a tiger inside him.  

He has to make a choice, should he go with them or should he return to his family who apart from his Grandad won't even notice if he has gone.  Whatever he does Maxwell has seen him and will come after him, Jasmine tells him all about Vanguard the shadowy business run by Maxwell and its past exploits, he learns exactly what this man is capable of.

Steven's decision is made, he is going to go with Jasmine and Carlos, they tell him that the other powers escaped from the museum and they will keep going till they find hosts, Steven is going to help them persuade the others to help them, they will be as scared and confused as he is and together they can all try and defeat Maxwell and Vanguard.

They have a big journey ahead of them and as they are all teenagers they need a lot of training but will they have time to train before Maxwell and his own zodiac powered minions find this young group?

This first book in the series is a deliciously fun read, as an adult I enjoyed it immensely and the addition of the illustrations dotted throughout the book really give an amazing energy to the story making the characters jump straight off the pages at you.  

I think the younger market will love this, as we all know superheroes are everywhere and the fact that this book takes ordinary children and turns them in to heroes with amazing powers will enthral children of all ages.

If this has intrigued you and you cannot wait till its release date on the 27th of January you can download a couple of tasters from the Zodiac website that will introduce to the main characters.

Awarded 5 out of 5

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