REVIEW - Bridges Burned by Annette Dashofy

Thank you to Henery Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Last year I had the great pleasure of experiencing my first novel by Annette Dashofy - Lost Legacy, the second book in the Zoe Chambers Mystery series (yes I started on Book 2!!) which was one of my five star reads of 2014.

I was really thrilled to see the third book in the series appear on my reading radar and as soon as it magically downloaded to my Kindle (seriously it never gets old, the pressing of the download button and seconds later "BAM" it is there ready to go!!) I got myself nice and comfy and found myself deeply involved in another mystery for Zoe.

A fire has broken out at a local housing development, when the responders turn up they are glad to find out that the house is no longer occupied but that feeling doesn't last for long as a distressed man tries to run in to the house, the reason - his wife is in there.

Pete Adams, the local police chief and Zoe's love interest sets about finding out what has happened, the discovery of a body in the house confirms that the man was unfortunately right his wife was indeed in the house, the man is Holt Farabee and the fire is another addition to his run of terrible luck, it is discovered that the Farabee's should not have been in the house in the first place, having defaulted on their mortgage they have been illegally squatting inside the house.  

Farabee and his young daughter are understandably devastated and when it turns out that the fire may have been set deliberately Pete starts looking very closely in to Farabee and his past.  Zoe in the meantime has problems of her own, a land developer has been sniffing around the farm and with the buildings costing more and more she fears that the home she loves may be taken from her plus her fledgling relationship with Pete is not quite getting of the ground.

Being the caring type Zoe offers Holt and his daughter a place to live in exchange for getting some work done about the farm, Pete needless to say in not pleased, he fears that Holt has had something to hide and it probably has to do with the death of his wife, because of this Pete and Zoe's relationship becomes strained.

Now as the story continues we meet other characters such as the family with a dispute over hedges (now it may not sound exciting but trust me it is very important) and the land developer who wants to buy the farm, little by little their stories become weaved together and this is what makes this book so good, you begin to believe that one character is the bad guy only to have another thrown in to the mix leading you down a different road.

Bridges Burned is great novel, it has plenty of twists and turns, intrigue, romance and humour.  The characters are really well written and most importantly they are likeable.  Annette does a great job of bringing everything to life and like all good series it is a pleasure to come back to it.

Awarded 5 out of 5

Available on the 7th April 2015 to buy from all good retailers


  1. I enjoyed both of thes books and feel it is going to be a good series

  2. It is a great series, looking forward to more from Annette!


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