REVIEW - After The Ending by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue

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My first dystopian read of 2015 and it is a good one!  

The first book in the Ending Series, After The Ending is a compelling read, enjoyable from the start all the way through to its thrilling ending.

Now books about the end of the world, viruses, billions dying are by no means a new subject, there are loads of them out there and what I try and look for is something a little different, which can be difficult as there are tons of books that do they same as this book which is people trying to survive in an inhospitable environment banding in to groups for support and defence with a bit of romance added in.

So what makes this book different or at least worth your time?

Well in my opinion, you may be the same, if a book is worth reading you tend to know in the first couple of pages and After The Ending got me hooked in straight away, it is told from the point of view of two best friends Zoe and Dani who are stuck on opposite sides of the country stranded by the virus which has rampaged it way across the country (which country? are you new to this!? America of course!! ( Sorry Americans I love you but if the s**t hits the fan I'm cancelling my holidays to Orlando!!)), these two have grown up together, they are each others lifeline and when they need each other the most the have thousands of miles in between them.

The story is all about the girls desperately trying to get to one another and the obstacles they have to overcome, the major one is what they call the crazies, the people who did not fall prey to the virus they have been left majorly mad, acting strange and very violent but thankfully the girls are not alone as they begin their respective journeys they come across friendly faces who help them, some familiar to them and some not.  New friendships are forged and also some not so friendly relationships made.

Surviving and not getting taken out by the crazies is a good part of their day but Zoe and Dani along with their fellow survivors start to feel different, they experience strange things, some of them start to communicate with different creatures, some of them can can calm people down, some can heal quickly, it seems everyone who has not been killed by the virus or driven crazy has a new ability that they need to learn to control.

Now this is part of a series so this story is going to continue for a while (which is good!!) and as this book comes to the end I think you may get an inkling of where this story is going (no spoilers), the characters of Zoe and Dani along with their love interests, friends and furry friends are going to have to come to terms with their new abilities and they are going to have learn to survive, it is not just the crazies out there to worry about.

I really enjoyed this book as I said it reeled me in straight away but a couple of things could have done with more explanation, there is one scene where an old teacher of the girls is discovered still very much alive and a meeting with him and his fellow survivors happens, I would liked to have read about it, it is just briefly mentioned and it would have been nice to have heard about if they met any old faces and what has happened in that community, the other thing was that email seems to stay on for an awful long time after the country goes pear-shaped I struggle to get it hear on a good day and the last thing was just back story on  few of the characters but YAY!! there are novellas on the characters in question and I have added them to my wish list along with the next two books in the series.

So all in all if you like a young adult dystopian novel with a hint of romance and danger set in our near future with the prospect of many more books in the series to satisfy your hunger for all things end of the world then this is it, as I mentioned above I need a book to stand out a little to make it worth while in amongst all the other similar stories, this stands out with a well written story, scope for exploration in the characters abilities plus it has the hint of a lot more to come.

Awarded 4 out of 5

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