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Title: No One Gets Out Alive 

Series: Pre-Earth #3

Author: Mindy Larson

Publisher: Lavish Publishing 

Release Date: January 27, 2015

While Dominic Morris is struggling to exist in the afterlife, Hope and Sebastian Wilkes live out their 'happily after' on Pre-Earth. With a baby on the way life for them is nearly perfect. But when Hope's father, Oliver Luck, is tempted to reconnect with his soul mate, Phoenix, he threatens to take Hope down with him. 

Drowning in sorrow and thinking he's getting a second chance to help Phoenix, Dominic follows her to The Other Place. 

The place no one wants to go. 

Will Dominic help Phoenix escape The Other Place? And more importantly, will he be able to leave himself? 

One thousand years later, Hadley Christensen is back on Earth, but as Hayden Caldwell. With the help of her deceased fiancĂ©, Luke, and her handsome doctor, Dexter Martin, Hayden considers what to believe. 

Hayden has a choice.

A choice to believe or to stay blissfully unaware. 

Will she follow a path of no return and challenge The Masters once and for all? Or will she succumb to staying in the dark and remain closer to her happily ever after.


First of all I have to share with you that I have an immense soft spot for this series, when I started blogging early last year, Mindy was one of the first authors that I got to know, she is such a lovely lady and she is kinda good at writing too!

I was really looking forward to this book, the third in the Pre-Earth series but I was a little sad as this meant the series was coming to an end, how would the characters lives be tied up?

The whole Pre-Earth series has been an emotional roller coaster, death, birth, romance all feature but the most important thing I found is the family aspect which shines through all the books, the characters have such genuine love and affection for one another.

Mindy has done such an amazing job with her world building too, taking you from Earth to the Purple Planet, the world the characters live in has such atmosphere and is at all times believable.

Now I know what you are thinking I've not mentioned if this book is any good yet, well it is but you need to pay attention a lot goes on, characters change and choices have to be made.  I don't want to spoil this book for you but I think I enjoyed this book the most out of all of them and I really enjoyed the others!

If you have the chance go back to the first installment and read all the books back to back, This has been such a great series and I can't wait to read more from Mindy in the future.

Awarded 5 out of 5

I was provided with a copy in exchange for an honest review

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Author Bio

Born in Provo, Utah in 1977, Mindy Larson is the oldest of four children and the only daughter. This Morning I Woke Up Dead is her first published novel. She lives happily ever after in Southeast Idaho with her four children, and the love of her life. When she isn't writing she can be found traveling, running, baking, cooking, or chasing after her kids, cats, and dog.

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