REVIEW - To The Edge Of Shadow by Joanne Graham

Thank you to Legend Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Sarah Phillips wakes up one day and finds life is no longer the same, her family have been killed in a tragic accident and everything she knows is gone, you see it is not just her father and sister she has lost, she has woken up in hospital with severe amnesia.  

At the young age of thirteen she has to start again, to create new memories whilst dealing with an occasional flashback of her old ones.  Thankfully she has one relative left, her fathers baby sister, her Aunt Leah.  

Still in her twenties, Leah becomes a mixture of mum, sister and best friend to Sarah, helping her cope when she is sent home from hospital, you really feel for Leah, she is still young and to suddenly have to look after a thirteen year old girl, never mind one who has just been in a fatal accident is not going to be easy but she helps Sarah start to recover, gently helping her explore her surroundings.

Sarah is still incredibly wary of everything, she suffers horrendous flashback nightmares and she feels the need to count her steps constantly.  Thankfully Leah is incredibly patient and eventually Sarah is able to go back to school.

Now the first part of the book deals with young Sarah when you least expect it the book moves forward six years and you meet older Sarah, still without her memories and still incredibly fragile but trying to make her way in the world, Leah is running her own flower shop and has her niece working for her, they are barely living but you get the feeling the are both aware they could be holding the other back.

Sarah has a great friend in her old school chum Alex but you get the feeling she is still very much alone, little does she know she isn't.  

We meet a new POV, a young woman who has been watching Sarah, watching her every move, manipulating Sarah without her knowledge, slowly but surely getting closer to Sarah, where is this heading, what does she have planned for her?

Well you will need to read it for yourself,  This new development adds such an amazing sinister element to this already vastly enjoyable read,  This novel ticks all my boxes, strong characters, gripping story and a sense of menace to mix it all up, beautifully written it deserves to be devoured in one sitting!

Great book and I award it 5 out of 5

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