REVIEW - The Awesome by Eva Darrows

Thank you to Rebellion / Ravenstone for providing me with a copy in exchange 
for an honest review

I don't usually curse during my posts (which is unusual as I am a potty mouth in the non virtual world) but in the case of The Awesome from Eva Darrows I have to say it was literally f***ing awesome!!

I only received my copy yesterday and was going to keep it closer till it's UK release date on the 7th of May but I decided to have a little peek at the first couple of pages last night and before I knew it I had read the entire thing.  

So what makes this such a great read, well the plot is this, we meet the seventeen year old Maggie Cunningham and her mother Janice, they are hunters.  No not the deer and pheasant kind, the vampire and ghost kind, they are like a spunkier female version of Sam and Dean Winchester.  

Janice is a single mum and has been home schooling Maggie, she is by no means shy and retiring and her slightly crazy ways have certainly rubbed off on Maggie.  Maggie has been learning all about monster hunting, accompanying her mum from job to job, learning how to dispatch ghosts and how to deal with scrapes from the supernatural.  She has got the job down to a tee but the one thing she is not allowed to do is help her mum hunt vampires, baby vamps love themselves a virgin and Maggie hasn't popped her cherry yet.

Now as a mother I couldn't stop laughing at how Janice handled this, the woman has no filter really and she encourages Maggie to go out and find herself a boy who doesn't even have to be nice to do the deed with, which would be great but Maggie is hopeless in normal teenage situations so she ropes in her friend Julie and goes to a party hoping to find a guy.

Getting steaming drunk she meets Ian, thinking she has struck gold they move their party upstairs and by now they are both fall down drunk but they start to get it on and when it comes to the most important part the most mortifying thing happens, he passes out cold. 

Not knowing whether she is still a virgin or not, she tells Janice who decides the best way to find out is to go slightly down wind from a vampire bar and wait in the car.  Unfortunately her cherry in still intact and a young vamp escapes from it handler and tries to devour young Maggie, they manage to speed away but these young vamps are fast and strong, and before they have escaped it has caught up with them, Janice manages to take it out which is fine but there is a problem, this was no common vampire, it was the first born of a very important vampire and when that vampire finds out they is going to be repercussions.

Janice and Maggie find themselves in the sights of the vampire and it really starts to kick off , with this you are introduced to some just brilliant characters such as Lauren their unexpected young house guest back from the dead with a taste for meat and not forgetting the awesome Lubov, a ghoul assistant to the baby vamps maker who is kind and kick ass at the same time, other notable characters are Ian, the boy who Maggie nearly did it with who seems unfazed by her whole lifestyle and drives an M3 which puts him in Janice's good books plus the mysterious vamp Jeff who is Janice's bit of stuff but there seems to be more to him that meets the eye.

The Awesome really is a killer read, it is funny, it's fast paced, spunky and a little scary in bits, it is like a cross between Supernatural and the early Southern Vampire series novels that have been jammed in a blender with a shed load of vodka and spice.  I really loved it and I can see it going on past this first novel, I want more from these characters!!

From the first words till the last you will love Maggie and Janice and their crazy dangerous world!

Awarded 5 out of 5

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