It's My Birthday!!!!

I cannot believe Random Redheaded Ramblings celebrates it's first birthday today!

This would be my birthday cake (Click link to visit Bake My Cake)

A year ago I started blogging with actually no idea of how my blog would go, I mean literally I did not know what I was going to blog about I just knew I wanted to write about something.

The six months prior to conception I had become a heavy user of Pinterest and my forte was creating food boards.  I had noticed a lot of the pinners that I followed had awesome blogs and it inspired me to follow that same route but the one problem I had was yes I thought I could happily become a food blogger but once I started trying to take pictures of food my heart fell, it looked awful.

I gave myself a virtual slap and realised WTF was I doing trying to be a food blogger when my real love was reading, slowly the lightbulb appeared over my head and I thought "DUH!" I shall write about my favourite books....and so it began!!

My actual first post was terrible, just a hello world I know nobody will read this but hey here I go type of post, but I persevered with encouragement from my friends.

I started to review books that I had already read and my first review was for Article 5 by Kristen Simmons which again was terrible but I felt great getting it out there and I felt a sense of purpose as I copied my review on to Amazon for others to see.

I also realised that nobody would see my posts if I didn't start using Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook to their full potential as well and gradually I managed to build up a respectable amount of followers and the best part was talking to people, people who loved the same authors as me and the total icing on the cake was the actual authors tweeting me, I felt like a rock star!!

Julia Suzuki
Over the last year there are some authors that I have to mention that have been instrumental in my blog's start up, the first author I have to mention would be the lovely Julia Suzuki who sent me my first ever ARC and interview, Sunniva Dee who is responsible for the gorgeous angels in Shattering Halos and is such a lovely person. Not forgetting the awesome Mindy Larson and her Pre Earth series which I was lucky enough to be involved with as a beta reader.
Not forgetting D Nichole King, Ann Christy, Gina Dickerson, Karyn Folan plus many many more, I have discovered such amazing authors that I would never naturally have come across, I have also discovered that YA romance I can take it or leave it, my heart seems firmly to have a scifi/dystopian lean to it!

Also I discovered NetGalley the Aladdin's cave of new releases,I still haven't reached the dizzying heights of the preferred 80% but after a years blogging I'm sitting at 34% which has been a hell of a lot of reading!

I have also been lucky to discover many lovely PR folks and blog tour companies who work so hard to promote their authors and I have been lucky enough to get my mitts on books months before they come out including todays S C Stephens novel Thoughtful!

I truly love blogging when I first started I had been made redundant so I could blog as I pleased but I am now back in full time employment so I have to be very good about scheduling and making sure I have read and posted when I am supposed to.  

I am really proud of the fact that my blog is still going a year later, compared to others I am still a baby blog but I love doing it and have met so many great like-minded folks!

Things I have learnt!!...

Spelling is understandably very important!
A good blog set up is also very important (I had to move providers)
Do not think you can blog without Social Media
Not to be offended if a request is refused
People do not read the "I'm not taking anymore reviews note"
There are not enough hours in the day!
Spammers are everywhere!
Not to be afraid to dislike a book

So thanks for reading and I hope to see you at my second blog-aversary and as a thank you I have a small giveaway for you below!!

I'll leave you with my stats for the year (low I know but I am totally over the moon with them!!)

Total Blog Posts - 478
Total Page Views - 34,111
Total Books Read - 214

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  1. Happy birthday Random Redheaded Ramblings! (I love your 'spammers are everywhere' as something you've learnt- I completely agree). Many happy returns!
    ~Litha Nelle


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