REVIEW: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS by Nintendo

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I have had a long long love affair with The Legend of Zelda, as a teen I picked up Link's Awakening for my Gameboy and that was it I was hooked, I loved that game, the exploring, the characters and the music, I spent hours exploring from the beach all the way up to the giant egg on the mountain top, nothing came close to this perfect game.

But over the years I discovered more perfect games, I am a handheld gamer now upgraded from my Gameboy to a shiny blue 3DS via the original DS, I have explored once more with Link through The Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, The Ocarina of Time and last year a Link between Worlds.

I was excited to see this appear on my radar last year and of course pre-ordered it at my earliest with it arriving as a romantic Valentine's gift!  So instead of a lovely meal on Valentine's night I instead, much to my other half's bemusement ripped the wrapper off and headed in to explore a new world.

Well technically it isn't new, Majora's Mask was a originally a N64 game back in the day but Nintendo have rebooted it for the 3DS as they have done with other games, is this lazy? a lack of fresh ideas?  Well no I don't think it is, they are bringing their classic games to a new audience along with letting the original gamers who played it many years ago either get warm and fuzzy replaying it or possibly cursing it because it ain't the same.

Me, well I love it, it has already royally peeved me off with this whole three day thing, how can I get anything done in three days?  But hey that doesn't matter it looks beautiful, it plays really well and it has already sucked me in to quite a few hours of gameplay already chasing the Skull Kid who has taken a mask that doesn't belong to him, so far I only have two masks of my own (I know get on with it woman) but it has ample side quests and huge areas to explore should you get totally bewildered with what the heck do I do next which as a Zelda gamer is something that happens at least once every play.

This games feels darker and as usual you have a fairy companion who will nudge you in the right direction, if you look up you will see the totally sinister looking moon that when three days are up will come crashing down upon your world.  This whole three days thing requires much planning as items you have taken ages to find such as rupees will be lost once those days are up so make use of the bank in town to save your precious funds.

I forgot to mention the actual overall look, the last game A Link to the Past had returned to the more classic look after the Ocarina of Time and it's full blown what can 3D do look, Majora's Mask is more like the Ocarina of Time but to be honest I wasn't too keen on the way that game looked, loved playing it but preferred to the old style, Majora's Mask is more like a mix of the two!

Once more Nintendo have provided me with a fantastic reason to part with my hard earned cash, Zelda never gets old and I know it is cheesy but I really hope to still be playing Zelda years from now.

Awarded 5 out of 5

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