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Welcome to my tour stop for The Burned Bridges Protocol by Abigail Borders. This is a YA science fiction published by Giant Squid Books.

The tour runs March 2nd-13th with reviews, author interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule. 

About the Book:

Burned Bridges Protocol CoverThe Burned Bridges Protocol by Abigail Borders
238 pages, young adult, science fiction

Seven hundred years ago, disaster forced humanity to abandon Earth. Life on the colony ship New Edinburgh is all sixteen-year-old Lilliane, the best programmer in her year at the Institute, has ever known. A week ago, Lilliane woke up in a life-pod. Its destination? Earth itself. Because it's time to rebuild. It's up to Lilliane and the four other survivors of the New Edinburgh to reclaim humanity's ancestral home. Today, the life pod arrived at Lady Diana--the lunar holding station that was once the luxury holiday destination for Earth’s super-rich. It’s supposed to be a good place. A safe place. Not anymore. Today, Lady Di is a battlefield. Because while Lilliane and her friends thought they they were the only humans left, somebody else got to Lady Di first. And he will stop at nothing to keep Lilliane from ever getting to Earth.

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I love discovering new authors, it is one of the best things about being a book blogger, today I have discovered Abigail Borders and her novella The Burned Bridges Protocol.

Now as you may now I do like a good sci fi/dystopian read, if disaster has befallen our beautiful planet and it has been wiped out/blown up/zombied out(!) then I gonna read it but there are a lot of books in this genre fighting for attention, to stand out an author really has to go the extra mile.

16 year old Lilliane has woken up disorientated she finds herself in a life pod drifting in space, she is not alone, her twin brother is with her.  The story is told from multiple POV's, it is fast paced and follows Lilliane and her friends as they leave their old life behind, travelling by the life pod, its destination a lunar station, will it be the safe haven they hope it is?

The Burned Bridges Protocol shows amazing promise for whatever Abigail up her sleeve for us in the future!  A good sci-fi YA read!

Awarded 4 out of 5

Thank you to CBB for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review


When the airlock doors connecting their life pod to the Lady Diana’s docking bays slid open, they stepped into a warzone.
Holding station Diana was in a state of hellish anarchy. From the data packet Lemon sent her, Lilliane was under the impression that the holding station had been untouched through the centuries.
Nothing was farther from the truth.
In fact, a lot of what Lemon had told her contradicted the Ark’s teachings about humanity and Gaea. But Lemon’s statements were supported. There was holographic and other documentary proof. What else have I been told that’s not entirely true? Lilliane squashed the waves of guilt that came with questioning the Council’s stated truths. They’ve also taught us to seek the truth. But later. Anne pulled her attention back to scene before her.
First, the mission.
            Everything was rust-scarred. Liquid which Lilliane only hoped was water, or at least nothing immediately toxic to organic life, ate its way from the continually dripping pipes through the metal flooring. Fragments of broken glass crunched underfoot, and she was grateful for the sturdy boots Lemon provided. Ropes of sparking exposed wiring crisscrossed overhead as well as across whatever passed for streets. Illumination shed by the few still-working fluorescent lights only served to highlight the stained, stinking air, made thick with oppressive humidity and God-only-knows whatever noxious vapors.
Lilliane tightened her grip on Cleo’s shoulder as a recorded greeting intoned, “Welcome to the Lady Diana, Earth’s premier luxury lunar destination and your final stop before Earth-base. Welcome home.”

About the Author: 

Abigail BordersAbigail is fluent in three languages, grew up in Asia, studied History in the UK, and now calls sunny Southern California her home. When not working with flowers (and daydreaming about what a ranunculus flower fairy looks like) she sings about Winnie the Pooh while baking treats like pineapple tarts and sand dollar cookies for her son, El Kiddo. She has an-going love/hate relationship with all things chocolate, although coffee will always remain her first love. She also holds graduate degrees in International Management and Special Education. 

The Burned Bridges Protocol is Abigail’s first novella. Her first novel, Cyrion, is scheduled to be released by MuseItUp Publishing in spring 2015.

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  1. I keep seeing this one pop up and have been wondering about it. So glad to see your review. Putting it on my TBR. Thanks!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thank you for hosting a tour stop!


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