REVIEW - The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

Thank you to Hachette Children's Books for providing me with a copy in exchange 
for an honest review

I'm gonna be honest here about what attracted me to this book, it wasn't the shiny high school kids on the cover or the fact it sounded like it would be a good read, no it was the title, The DUFF.  

You see I am a DUFF not at D.U.F.F. of the title, it is my surname so of course I was curious to find out what a book with my last name plastered all over and inside it would be about!

The D.U.F.F. or designated ugly fat friend of the title is Bianca a seventeen year old high school student who one night discovers she is a D.U.F.F. from the hottest guy in school Wesley.  It does bother her a little bit, her two friends are both kind, gorgeous and lusted after by Wesley but as far as she is concerned he is an ass, she hates his guts.

But he is everywhere Bianca goes and when they meet it just reminds her that she is undesirable, in fact he coins her new nickname Duffy.  She has bigger problems than Wesley, her parents are never in the same place at the same time, her mother is travelling on the west coast and her father who is a recovering alcoholic is one disaster from being back on the bottle.

Her worst fears are confirmed when she finds out her mother has filed for divorce, her father hits the bottle and Bianca tries to blot out everything bad and she does the one thing she never thought she would do, she throws herself at her arch-nemesis Wesley, what starts off as a kiss progresses to something more and before long their relationship starts to change.  They frequently meet up and her relationship with her friends suffers for it.

But she believes he is just there for the moment to blot out her home life and she has her eyes set on a another boy at school.  She knows Wesley can have any girl and does have them frequently so she isn't concerned about his feelings.

An incident one night changes their relationship permanently and Bianca finds herself distant from her friends and her family.  The one person who is there for her is Wesley, the one person in the world she detests the most. 

The D.U.F.F. is a great read, it is filled with well thought out characters who bring so much life to the pages with their wit and wisdom!  Bianca and Wesley, well you can see where they are heading a mile off, it is predictable but it is an amazing ride as you join them both in, and I know it sounds cliched, a voyage of self discovery, see totally cliched!

There are a few books in this series, Hamilton High and I'm looking forward to reading them too plus not forgetting this book has been made in to a film which is out next month!

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