REVIEW - The In-Betweener by Ann Christy

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So just to make sure there is no confusion this is about the world gone to hell in a hand-basket not four awkward teenage boys from the south of England (do you get the Inbetweeners in North American my over the pond readers?) anyway I digress I am a huge fan of Ann's writing, she always creates (or improves upon in the case of Silo 49) amazing worlds so I was looking forward to seeing what this was about.

Well it zombies but not as I have ever seen before, we are introduced to a world in total disarray, the human race is split in to three very different groups, humans, the walking dead and the in-betweeners who look human but are most certainly not.

What has turned the world on its axis?, Nanites, created as the saviour of mankind, curing major illnesses and keeping the population healthy but it has gone horribly wrong.  The nanites keep the dead animated and the near dead going, what is left of the human population has gone in to hiding.

Emily is holed up in a warehouse surrounded by a large fence, she is safe, she has routine and she has no plans to leave her compound.  She has seen her mother "die" and the world around her fall apart, for now she has everything she needs, she has the skills to take out any dead that come too near but unbeknownst to her she is being watched.

An in-betweener arrives at her gates with a note attached to him, he communicates barely but he gets across that he needs her, but will Emily go with him, how does he know she is there, can she trust him as he could potentially rip her to pieces?  

Yes she does go with him but I won't say what happens as that would be a SPOILER people but I will say that there are some distressing scenes, lots of blood and a hell of a lot of a good story!  This is the first book in a series (yay!) and it is so refreshing to read about zombies that haven't been created by a killer virus that surfaced somewhere is Asia or in a lab at some science facility so kudos to Ann for creating something new.

Look out for my review of book 2 Forever Between and want to know more about Ann read my interview with her from last year or have a perusal at my reviews of her other awesome books

Awarded 5 out of 5

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