REVIEW: The Storm by Virginia Bergin

Thank you to Pan MacMillan for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

The End of the World was just the beginning

Last year I read a very enjoyable book called The Rain, the end of the world had arrived, no zombies or bombs, just water.  To be exact it was rain, rain falling from the sky with a bacteria in it that attacks the human body and attack it did, it did not discriminate killing young and old alike but it didn't kill Ruby our teenage heroine who lost her family, friends and some pets during her story in The Rain, how has life been for her since we last saw her still trying to find her dad?

The Storm shows Ruby has not changed, she is still a typical teen, still alone but she seems to have a dark shadow across her and we get a better glimpse at how she has been living.  One thing she is still enjoying is her driving and at the beginning of the book she totals a Ferrari but she seems to be cracking up a little, too much time spent by herself is showing, she would settle for her "friend" Darius Spratt.

She doesn't get Darius she gets her friend Saskia instead and when she brings her back to her house you get an extremely vivid idea of how Ruby has been living, buckets of pee, rubbish all over the shop, did I mention she has cut hair (could she be going crazy like Britney?), she has just let everything get literally on top of her, could the arrival of Saskia help her escape the low she has been having?

Ruby and Saskia end up (via a nasty accident) back at the army camp and this is when the story changes but I don't want to give you any spoilers so this is where I'll stop telling you about the plot and just give you a gentle hint of what happens next.

At the camp Ruby meets an old friend and also discovers that the camp harbours some horrific secrets plus she learns more about herself not in the deep and meaningful way but in the.......nope not gonna tell you.  Plus will she find her dad?

The Storm is a great read, you need to remember when reading it is that Ruby is only 15, she is selfish, she does what she thinks is best which is not always the right thing to do but she has a heart of gold and this may come across as being immature but that is exactly what she is however considering all she goes through she manages to survive.

Virginia has once again given me an enjoyable read, will there be more from Ruby? I can't answer that but there was one character (new in this book) whose disappearance is very obvious at the end of the book, I'd like to find out what has happened to them.

A great read, 5 out of 5

Virginia Bergin learned to roller-skate with the children of eminent physicists.
She grew up in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, in a house tied to her father’s job. Her parents, the children of Irish and Polish immigrants – and one Englishwoman – had moved from Liverpool to the south of England in search of work.
Virginia studied psychology but ruined her own career when, dabbling in fine art at Central St Martins, she re-discovered creative writing. Since then she has written poetry, short stories, film and TV scripts and a play that almost got produced – but didn’t.
In between and alongside more jobs than you’ve had hot dinners, she has worked as a writer on TV, eLearning and corporate projects and has 22 broadcast and non-broadcast TV credits, from children’s favourite Big Cat Diary Family Histories (BBC) to the award-winning series Africa (Tigress Productions for National Geographic). Most recently, she has been working in online education, creating interactive courses for The Open University.
She currently lives on a council estate in Bristol and has taken to feeding the birds.

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