REVIEW - Angelfall by Susan Ee

Thank you to Hodder books for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

So you may be aware that the third book in the Penryn and the End of Days series is due very shortly, I for one am very excited to see exactly how it ends but my one problem is my memory having read the first instalment Angelfall back in 2013 I remember a lot of it but I thought I better have a re-read of it to refresh my hazy mind (I blame the kids!).

For the new reader of this awesome series let me take you briefly through Angelfall, an apocalypse has befallen Earth, there are no nukes, no zombie plagues, no asteroids instead we have the bringers of doom, Angels.

They are not your top of the Christmas tree variety, they are deadly and they are many, the world has met it's match.  Set six weeks after they arrive we meet Penryn who is leaving the "safety" of her home along with her disabled mother and her slightly unhinged mother.  No sooner have they left their house they hear the unmistakable sound of wings, fearing the worst what they see is totally unexpected, Angels fighting one another.  

Or more specifically a gang of them against one, Penryn watches horrified as the angel who is outnumbered has his wings brutally cut off.  Unfortunately Penryn and her family are discovered by the angels and to her horror they take her sister away, her mother disappears and she is left alone with the bloody beaten wingless angel.  

Thinking fast she takes the angel along with his wings and his sword, and she decides he will be her ticket to finding her sister, well once he comes round that is. Once the angel comes round she discovers he is called Raffe and they come to an agreement that he will take her to the angels lair, the Eyrie where he assumes her sister will be held also she will help him get in as he is not high on the list of popular angels.

Together they travel through the remains of the San Francisco bay area and on their way they encounter small bands of resistance plus some truly gruesome sights and the hint of something much more sinister than the angels lurking in the shadows, although they truly hate one another a slightly predictable chemistry starts to appear but it is not begrudged at all as they do hate each other for quite some time, there is none of the insta-love which we see so often in books and if you are like me you do kinda want them to have some flirting going on.

The character of Penryn is a great one, she has only one thing in her sights and that is her sister, her sheer determination and grit is enviable, plus being in a room with a topless angel and keeping herself in check must take a lot of willpower.  

The setting of the book is perfect too, suitably sinister and dark which is just ideal as the story leads you to its chilling ending in the ruins of the one glorious city of San Francisco.

Dystopian books are everywhere these days, there is so much to choose from, I'll give you a help by saying this should be on your must read list.

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