REVIEW - Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta

Continuing on with my quest to own as many colouring books as it is possible for a 36 year old to own, I bring to you today the beautifully illustrated Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta.  

As you know (or may not know) I started my colouring book obsession with Johanna Basford and from her wonderful books I discovered this one and it does not disappoint.  Millie grew up in Wales and has been inspired by the natural world very much in her art.

Obviously as you can see from the cover above it is just gorgeous looking and inside it gets even better, it has nice thick paper for the cover which on the inside of the front and back cover is perfect for colouring in with possibly a nice inky pen as I like to do (big fan of Sakura pens!) and the rest of the book is just page (printed on both sides) after page of breath-taking flora and fauna.

The main part of the book is also printed on nice thick paper, I have seen some books that are fine for use with pencils but will leak through to the other side if a pen even looks at it.  There is also plenty of space on some of the designs to add your own doodles if you like to make your own mark.

Again I also find myself too scared to put pen to paper in case I foul it up but that feeling didn't last long, this book is a pure joy and I'm looking forward to her tropical themed book which is due out later this year.

A must have addition to your colouring collection.

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