REVIEW - Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

Thank you to Orion / Gollancz for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Manfred and Midnight are back in the second installment of Charlaine Harris's Midnight series, I really enjoyed the first book Midnight Crossroad once it got going so I had high hopes for Day Shift.

This book was a lot quicker to get going than book 1 and as before the POV's flit between the main characters.  Day Shift finds Manfred in the firing line, following a private reading with a long term client she dies suddenly and blame quickly points in Manfred's direction.  

Meanwhile in Midnight the Rev has a young visitor who is not what he appears to be, the Rev and his young ward are trying to keep out of the way but when reporters and police show up questioning Manfred about his clients death it is up to all the residents of Midnight to try and find out who is responsible for her death and not only is his client dead, her son is convinced Manfred has stolen her jewellery too.

Midnight has new arrivals too, the once derelict hotel has been renovated and has been changed in to a cross between an old folks home and a hotel, with only a few residents most of which are very old they don't seem to be any threat to Midnight's close knit and extremely secretive community but the arrival of one of the residents grandson's brings a very familiar character from the Southern Vampire books and throws him straight away to help Manfred.

During Day Shift we learn a lot more about the characters such as more of the very secretive Olivia's back story and more about Joe and Chuy, specifically what they are hiding.  As before in Midnight Crossroad there are nods to the other series that Charlaine has written and of course an occasional character pops up.

Day Shift was a really fun read, yes it is incredibly dark in places but it does not take itself too seriously plus any book that has a sassy talking cat is ok with me!  I love Mr Snuggly!  

As the story reaches it climax scenes that take place during the night will make your spine tingle, I really enjoy this series and I hope the great quality of writing continues on to the next book! (I hope there is a next book!).


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