REVIEW - Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford

So I am not ashamed to say I am 36 and I love to colour in, like really love, when I'm not reading or blogging or reading and blogging I am kicking back with my colouring pencils and chilling.

My husband thinks I'm crazy plus he hates the scratchy noise it makes when I use my "good" pencils but I love it, I have a colossal pile of books which purely seem to be aimed at the grown up market and pencils and pens that are totally off limits to my sprogs.

My obsession started when a good friend introduced me to Johanna Basford's Secret Garden just after Christmas 2013, I thought it was deservedly beautiful, ordered my own copy and began to fall in love with it.

There wasn't a Disney character in sight, it was full of beautiful flora and fauna and no sooner had I started colouring my way through it I discovered Tatoos A Colorier by Nikola Kapetanovic which cemented my new hobby much to my husband's disgust.

I was excited to learn that Johanna had a new book Enchanted Forest coming out in 2015 and pre-ordered it but I cheated a little, I was checking my open orders on Amazon to see when to expect it and I came across the French version, (now the French have access to so many awesome colouring books but that I'll save for another post), it was cheaper and it was available straight away.  I really couldn't wait and besides once I have finished with this one I can buy the English version and start again.

The cover as you can see below is a little different but isn't it beautiful, just gorgeous!  I always feel a little guilty putting pen to paper in case I make a mess but I didn't feel guilty for long!

The next couple of pictures are examples of just normal Staedtler coloured pencils and my current favourite Gellyroll Stardust pens, both of these give amazing results.

My one tiny gripe with The Secret Garden was that the paper was a little thin for pens to be used on but this time the paper is much thicker and you get such fantastic results.  The whole book is made from incredibly good quality paper.

There are loads and loads of pictures to colour in, including the cover if you wish and the inside covers plus there is a massive pullout at the back of an amazing dragon, this I am saving just now it's just too pretty to touch!  

Another nice touch is the hidden objects for you to find throughout, you can literally lose yourself within its pages for hours.  I'm alternating between pen and pencil just now with, both are providing me with great results.  

These books are so pretty and the designs are intricate and just so well thought out, so stop pinching your kids books and buy one of your own! This book is a good start!

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