REVIEW - Merveilles sous les mers / Wonders under the seas by Mesdemoiselles

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So continuing my love of grown up colouring books, this 36 year old bought another beautiful French book from the publishers Marabout, look them up on Amazon they have a ton of beautiful books, anyway this one kept popping up on my recommendations and because of the fact it is a colouring book the fact it is French was not going to be a problem.

Now I have worked my way through the likes of Johanna Basford and Millie Marotta's books but this one stood out because, well one, it was under the sea and two, it looked like it was maybe not so intricate as the others.

There are a lot of bolder pictures to colour in, examples of this are below, there is plenty of fish and other undersea creatures to spend hours colouring, yes there are intricate bits but this book is fun and I think it would also appeal to a younger audience too if you can cope with letting your children look at it!

I have been using both pen and pencil on the drawings, the paper like all Marabout books is high quality and I don't need to worry about the ink bleeding through to the other side.

A lovely book and a nice addition to your collection.

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