REVIEW - Reckoning by Kerry Wilkinson

Thank you to Pan MacMillan for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Once I again I find myself with a new dystopian read and once more I find myself typing what will make this one different from the hundreds that have gone before it, will the Reckoning give me something new, something that will give the whole genre a good kick up the backside?

Honestly yes it does!  First of all before I even go near the storyline lets look at the cover, bad-ass looking woman, awesome hair and possibly not advisable to mess with.  Covers do mean everything to me, a crap cover will totally put me off a story but this one is very effective.

The female lead of this story is Silver Blackthorn, a 16 year from.......nope this is not set in America, it is one of the rare dystopians where the UK has fallen foul of something bad in its past, this pleases me (not to see this island of my birth up s**t creek) as whenever anything bad happens it is always America, I love the States but I love something closer to home.

Silver, so named for her striking streak in her hair, is about to come of age, a time in her life where a test, the Reckoning, will sort her in to either one of the following classes - Elite, Member, Inter or the horribly named Trog which as you may guess is not a good place to be.

Silver is chosen to be a Member but there is also another "draw", one that could select her as an offering to the King who rules from Windsor Castle, this is thought to be a honoured position but when Silver is chosen as offering what she finds in not a life of comfort and privileged but a life of fear and suspicion, male and female offerings treated terrifyingly bad.

As an offering she will never see her family or friends again but she when she is behind those walls and sees first hand what is going on that she needs to get out at any cost.  The question is will she?

This is a good read and I love the mix of the old and new technology, at the start of the book you find Silver wading through a mountain of tech from the "old" days but once she gets to the castle there is something truly medieval about it.  It is truly a well imagined world in which Silver lives in.

This is the first book in a trilogy of which I am pleased to say I am taking part in the blog tour for the second book Renegade on May the 4th and I will be giving away a copy so please come back and join me then!

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  1. I was liking the sound of this one until we get to the King's Court bit. I'm not a huge fan of these medieval style Courts so I'm in two minds now...

    1. No it is good, I hate historical books with stuff like that in it, I suppose when I say medieval I mean dark and mysterious not knights and armour!


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