REVIEW - The Ark by Laura Liddell Nolen

Thank you to Harper Voyager for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Another day, another disaster about to wipe humanity off the face of the tiny rock we call home.  This pleases me somewhat, I love a good disaster book, any type of dystopian catastrophe that has been put down in writing, I want to read about it!

The disaster today is from space, a meteor heading towards the earth and this book is set in the days leading up to the final evacuation of specially selected citizens.

Our leading lady is Char, 16 years old and not so safely behind bars, the guards have left, Char and her fellow inmates are practically by themselves.  Her parents and brother have given up on her, her wayward ways have widened the gulf between them, will they come to her before the meteor hits?

They do, they tell her they have a place on one of the last ships leaving the planet and heading to one of five Ark's that will hold the survivors, the cream of the population, needless to say Char behind bars does not fit in to that category.

She needs out, she needs to escape from her prison and once she finds herself in possession of a boarding pass that will let her on to the same ship as her family she makes it her mission to get there - will she make it?

She does! Just by the skin of her teeth but she discovers the price that has been paid to get her boarding card (I'm being deliberately vague about where she got it from in the first place - no spoilers!), distraught she  makes her way to the ship and begins her journey to space, will her family want anything to do with her, will she be able to become part of a society she isn't supposed to be part of and what secrets does her strange new world hold?

Now I did enjoy it up to a point, the start of the book where the scene is set, the chaos and terror of the imminent destruction of Earth is well described and as for the moment when the meteor hits, well that is just terrifying, Laura did a fantastic job of setting that scene.  

Char has been mixed up with some bad people and she finds herself once more on the wrong side when she reaches the Ark.  My problem was when she reached the Ark my interest waned a little, don't get me wrong it was a good read it was just a bit more exciting on the ground!

A good read

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