REVIEW - Forever Between by Ann Christy

Thank you to Ann Christy for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

So of course you have read book one in this series The In-betweener, wait stop you haven't?! Well I can't let you read any further, get your butt over to Amazon or your book seller of choice and get a copy, once you have done that let's regroup!

Right, back on subject, today I have for you Forever Between by the awesome Ann Christy.  Following on from book one, this book is from the POV of Veronica who we last saw narrowly escaping losing her life at the hands of a close friend, thankfully our leading lady from book one Emily came to her rescue.

So why is Emily not the main POV of this book, well she is a little indisposed but all will be revealed.  A lot has changed since the end of the last book, Emily's safe haven has a few more residents, the dead in all their different states still roam about outside and life is certainly not getting any rosier but they all are one big family now and they all have each others backs, which is good because they are going to need one another when things start to go wrong.

Emily becomes unwell, it could be possible to save her but that means leaving their safe house and travelling in to an uncertain world with no guarantees they can find anything to help her.  Will Emily survive or will she become one of the In-Betweeners?

I'm not giving you any spoilers as to what else happens but I can let you know this, Forever Between rocks, in fact I think the story has really kicked it up a notch.  It flits back and forth between past and present giving you an idea of how current events have came to be and the story flows wonderfully.

It really has a sense of terror and urgency in parts which is incredibly important, I have read some other books in this genre that have been incredibly flat, I want to be scared, I want a book that comes alive and this does it perfectly.  Now on to book 3!

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  1. I think it is pretty cool that the author had that change of POV because sometimes it mixes things up a bit for the reader and there is usually a good reason to have done so as well :)

    1. Ann Christy is such great a writer, I don't think I have read a book of hers that I haven't liked!


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