BLOG TOUR - Bite by Nick Louth

Thank you to Sphere for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Conspiracy, Outbreak, Hello you have my attention!

Those three words on the cover usually herald the arrival of a great book with plenty of twists and turns that keeps you guessing and gripped till the last but it can also herald several hundred pages of a dull story that can become bogged down with too many characters and a lot of useless facts and dialogue.

Bite thankfully is the former, it sucks you in straight away as the author creates his game board and moves his pieces in to play getting you ready for a thrilling read.

Erica Stroud-Jones is a brilliant English scientist about to attend a major conference Amsterdam to present the findings of her secret research, joining her having flown from the States is her American boyfriend Max Carver.  She hopes her work will be a revelation in the field of fighting tropical diseases, her peers await with great interest of her findings but Erica doesn't make it to her conference.

On the morning of the conference Max discovers her missing, the police don't care, her peers are sceptical, Max is on his own.  He sets out to find Erica but doing so brings him down a road he never expected to travel, finding more about about the woman he loves and her past.

Now here is where I ponder, how much more should I tell you without giving away major plot points! So I will tell you this much, the main story which is set in the present runs alongside Erica's POV from her time in Africa years before, what happened to her out there was horrific and what happened has started to catch up with her in the present.

There are lots of other supporting characters who all serve their part well, the start of the book is a plane journey from America to Holland and on this flight you meet both main and supporting characters, pay attention to them!

Bite despite the name is not about Vampires, it is a great read and delivers on its promise of Kidnap, Conspiracy and Outbreak, they all feature heavily in the book.  A lot of this book can be based in reality, the threat of tropical disease outbreaks of course is very real with Ebola heavily in the news.  Bite deals with everything very well, I think the author has at least taken the time to do his research and hasn't just made it up as he goes along, it doesn't always take itself seriously but I assure you it is a seriously good read.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful thriller and I like the sound of it! The cover caught my eye immediately and I can feel that a lot of plot twists will be happening in this one too.

    1. Yes it was a good read and you are right the cover is very eye-catching!


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