REVIEW - Day Four by Sarah Lotz

Thank you to Hodder and Stoughton for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review

Last year Sarah Lotz very nearly put my off flying with her excellent novel The Three which I read several months before flying to America.  This time her latest novel Day Four has definitely put me off ever setting foot on a cruise ship.

Welcome aboard the Beautiful Dreamer! Fun in the sun guaranteed!

There is plenty to drink and eat, a plethora of shipboard entertainment and the special guest on this cruise is renowned psychic Celine del Ray, what more could you wish for?

Day Four is told from many different points of view, we have-

 Maddie who is Celine's pissed off assistant
 Jesse the ships doctor
 Xavier who is scandal exposing blogger
 Althea a housekeeper on the ship,
Gary who has a terrible obsession
Helen an older lady on her last cruise

I hope I haven't missed one!

So I'm not sure the best way to explain this story so try and stay with me!  Now this book does have quite a few mentions of the events in The Three so it will help if you have read it, if not don't worry there is enough explanation of that book to help you but I believe this could be quite happily read as a standalone but not happily if you are reading it on a cruise ship.

Anyhoo the cruise is under way, Days one to three have passed without anything terrible happening, the cruise company Foveros do not have the best reputation but everyone seems happy.  Day four dawns as usual and today is when things are about to go very very wrong, it starts slowly though.

The ship stops.  The power is out, it is dead in the water.  Do not panic it will be sorted out soon!  Everyone carries on as normal but for some normal has left the building or ship should I say.

Celine stops acting like a total witch bitch and starts acting very strangely, Maddie does not know what has happened to her boss worried she goes for help and one by one those characters I mentioned and their stories start weaving in and out of one another.

The main characters all go through many different emotions, well all of them except Celine, as the next day dawns and the day after and the day after that, they realise that no one is coming to their rescue, strange things start happening on the ship, the passengers start going crazy as toilets break down and with no air-con they have to resort to sleeping on the outside decks.

The captain has no answers, they believe there is bad weather at their port stopping their rescue, Xavier the blogger knows something is not right, the sister ship of the Dreamer the Beautiful Wonder broke down and it was on the news within hours.  Not only that people are becoming ill, worse than the usual shipboard bugs the virus is starting to grip the ship tightly.  Plus did I mention the dead body?

So much goes on I can't possible tell you all about it but stuck at sea the Beautiful Dreamer becomes a hellish nightmare, people start seeing things, unexplained and genuinely scary events happen.  As the story heads towards its climax it become a terrifying fight for survival amongst a ship that seems possessed by something or someone.  But just when you think its all over.........

I loved Day Four it scared me, it amused me, it made me happy to be on terra firma but most of all it kept me riveted to a wonderfully weaved story which as I mentioned will be keeping me away from Royal Caribbean and the likes for many years to come.  I did worry with the many different POV's that I would get confused but that did not happen as the characters flitted seamlessly from their own stories to featuring in the other characters tales.

I have never been on a cruise but I do believe Sarah has done a good job in creating what at first seems a nice cruise ship with its many bars and pool plus its camp cabaret and events staff plus they myriad of nationalities that make up the mostly hard working below stairs staff.  The ship is wonderfully described and really becomes quite claustrophobic near the end.

Day Four is a brilliant read, chilling you to the bones and keeping you awake at night. Will there be a "five" book? I hope so.  If not I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Released May 21st 2015

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  1. I seriously need to read The Three asap. Though I'm a bit worried that it's going to terrify me into not flying. Lol.

    Great review!

    1. Yes you must read The Three! I flew several months after it with no problems!!!!

  2. I need to try The Three and then I would like to try this one as well! In fact, this book reminds me of a movie I have watched (and a book I have yet to read which the movie is based off of) called Poseidon. It sounds intriguing in that way, and seeing as I loved that movie I am sure to love this thriller as well.

    1. The Three and Day Four are both scary and incredible, not to be read during the night kinda books, I read a lot on my kindle with the lights off so not to disturb my other half and I always manage to spook myself with these sort of books. Doesn't stop me reading them though!


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