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So this week following my sombre post last week about anxiety I decided to go bonkers this week and host not one but two imaginary dinner parties.

It is that age old question really who are you ideal dinner party guests, my imaginary dinner party guests are split in to two groups, the first are my favourite famous people and the second group is made up my favourite authors (who may or may not also be actors etc).

Party 1 - Famous Types!

Who is invited and why?

Vice President / President of the United States Selina Meyer for her wit and wisdom

You may not know who this chap is if you are outside the UK, his name is Jimmy Carr and he is an English comedian with a terrically awful laugh and wonderful jokes that can be quite naughty, he should mix stuff up!

Amy Poehler, enough said, she is a legend!

Mr Ron Swanson, he does not beat around the bush in fact he will probably be outside hiding in the bush waiting for something to shoot to make the main course.

Nick Frost, one of my favourite actors, Hot Fuzz in my top ten favourite films and he was spectacular in it.

Sheldon, just because his intelligence and lack of filter will lead to some interesting conversations.

Simon Pegg, as well as being best mates with Nick Frost, he is also in Hot Fuzz and Star Trek and Mission Impossible, the man is a great actor -  he is Scotty for goodness sakes!

Felicia Day, geek girl legend, I would love to talk nerd with her.

Mindy Kaling, well first of all she made me go and buy this exact t-shirt (shopping is my cardio!) and well she is just so great!

Nathan Fillion, he is freaking the man behind Captain Malcolm Reynolds, he is Richard Castle, he is a really nice guy too (according to millions of fan reports on t'internet)

Tina Fey, C'mon she has done SNL, Mean Girls, 30 Rock she is a funny woman, a mum, a wife and I bet she is really nice!

Tyrion Lannister - Because he is Tyrion Lannister, the man could survive a direct hit from a nuke, he is the best thing in Game of Thrones

Wil Wheaton - I want to talk to him about Star Trek, about being pals with Sheldon, so much wisdom he could pass on to me!

I think they will all make a fantastic combo!

Now for party 2!

Party 2 - Author Types

Who is invited and why?

These three lovely ladies are from left to right, Mindy Larson, D Nichole King and Sunniva Dee, why are they invited?

Well these ladies have pretty much been with me since I started blogging, they have been so kind and just amazing really to me, their books are awesome and did I mention how amazing they are, if you haven't read their books, check 'em out now!

The late Terry Pratchett was such an inspirational guy, he is the guy who created Discworld and he is deservedly a legend.

Stephen King, he is Stephen freaking King, I wanna hear what he has to say!

This happy chap is David Mitchell, an English actor, writer and comedian, and also a wonderful observer of all things.

Hugh Howey, author of Wool, Sand and countless other epic books, he is an incredible writer and I want him at my imaginary dinner party.

Ann Christy, author of Strikers, The In-betweeners, Silo 49 series and a few fantastic others, I discovered her work through Hugh Howey's Wool, she is such a lovely lady and a brilliant author.

Yes this in Nora Roberts but she is invited as JD Robb author of the sensationally wonderful In Death series, I love it and never tire of it.

George R R Martin, the man who can kill a character just by blinking, he looks like Santa, he is a legend.

This is Richard Ayoade, you may know him from The IT Crowd, you may have seem him in that film with Ben Stiller, he is an English actor, writer and comedian, and I love his observations on life.

Bill Bryson, I have read his books for many years now, they are such enjoyable reads, I never tire of hearing about his travels or his take on life in general.

Enid Blyton, I grew up reading and re-reading the Famous Five, the woman made potted tongue sound delicious.

This is J R R Tolkien, you may have heard of a little book he wrote called The Hobbit and it's follow up The Lord of the Rings, he created Middle Earth, another total legend.

So there you go, little do they all know they will be doing the dishes afterwards but I think they would make amazing guests!

My question to you is who would you invite living or dead to your imaginary dinner party?

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  1. This was such a fun post! You definitely had some GREAT choices - Ron Swanson being one of the many. Hmmm, Part One of my Dinner Party would include Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Nick Offerman, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, and Chris Pratt- all because I love to laugh and this gang would definitely accomplish that/Chris Pratt is nice to look at ;-). Part Two would include Jenny Han, Lauren Oliver, Sarah J Maas, Nova Ren Suma, Becky Albertalli, and Rainbow Rowell - all in hopes that their greatness would rub off on me.

    1. Chris Pratt, he would be epic, I imagine he is like Andy Dwyer in real life!! And yes he isn't bad on the eyes!!

      That is what I am hoping the authors would fill me with inspiration!

  2. I'd probably invite Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert. As for authors, Melina Marchetta, Ernest Cline, and Pierce Brown. Very small, and I'll make low country boil. :)

    1. Ooo good choices, Pierce Brown and Ernest Cline especially, I wonder if they would come to mine after?!!!!

  3. I totally want to be at your author party! So much writing wisdom in one room; it would be explosive! <3

  4. That would certainly be one amazing dinner party! And George R. R. Martin looks like Santa gone bad - which is totally fitting in my opinion. Okay, I'll attempt this. Ten people I'd invite to a dinner party: John Green, Hank Green, J K Rowling, Rainbow Rowell, Alexandra Bracken, Dylan O'Brien, Jenji Kohan, Olan Rogers, Mark Ruffalo & Nat Wolff. Except I'd probably hide in the bathroom, because I'd be too intimidated to talk to anyone haha

    1. I'd probably just freeze when I tried to talk to them too!

      JK Rowling has a house a couple of miles away from mine, I should maybe send her an actual invite!!

  5. I would love to come to either of your parties, but if you can get Terry Pratchett and J.R.R. Tolkien to come, I will buy a ticket and fly across the Atlantic! (Of course if you could get the two of them, you would be a miracle worker, so you could probably just snap your fingers and I'd be there LOL.) I would also love to hear the conversation between Simon Pegg, Felicia Day, and Wil Wheaton.

    One party I would love to give is a tea party for the following mystery authors: Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie, Josephine Tey, Ngaio Marsh, Ellis Peters, Catherine Aird, Margery Allingham, Deborah Crombie, Laurie King, and possibly Mary Stewart. I might also invite Dick Francis and certainly Charles Finch, but they might feel a little outnumbered!

    1. Pegg, Day and Wheaton would be just EPIC!!!

      Pratchett and Tolkien I think would have to involve some magic but JK Rowling lives near by me so maybe she can conjour something uo!

      Great authors, I love Agatha Christie, I have never read Ngaio Marsh but my mum always did, I must check her books out!

      At the rate I'm going to have to hire a marquee!!!


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