REVIEW - Pawnee by Leslie Knope

Title: Pawnee
Author: Leslie Knope
Publisher: BBC Books
Release Date: 13th February 2014
Source: Own Copy

Welcome to Pawnee: First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity.
Let Leslie Knope (as played by Amy Poehler on NBC's hit show Parks and Recreation) take you on a hilarious tour through her hometown, the Midwestern haven known as Pawnee, Indiana. Meet the city's colorful citizens, like much-loved public servant and man of nature Ron Swanson; learn about industrial giants such as Sweetums and the Kernston's Rubber Nipple factory; and explore hopping nightlife venues such as the Snake Hole, or indulge in the greatest waffles in the world at JJ's Diner (specialty meal: The Four Horse-Meals of the Egg-Pork-alypse).
The book also delves into Pawnee's rich and varied history, including the time the whole town was on fire, or when that cult that took over in the 1970s, and how we overcame decades of conflict with (and some unfortunate massacres of) the Wamapoke Indians to live in harmony. Everything's definitely totally cool with them now.

Packed with laugh-out-loud photographs, illustrations, and commentary by all the characters from the show, Pawnee is a must-read that will make you enjoy every moment of your stay in the Greatest Town in America.

If I could live in any fictional American town I would have to choose Pawnee.

Parks and Recreation is still relatively new to British television, series 4 is only just showing next week, we are miles behind,  but so far I am addicted to it. 

I really do love it and when I saw that the wonderful Leslie Knope has "written" a book about her beloved Pawnee I thought I had better check it out, she is woman who gets stuff done and this book promised to be epic!

It features commentary from all you favourite characters from Ron to April to Andy, it also explores the rich history of the town including looking at Sweetums and other town institutions such as Pawnee Zoo.

Ron's pyramid of greatness features, a look at neighbouring Eagleton and a look at what the Snake Hole lounge serves up on its drinks menu - some dodgy sounding drinks!

If you are a fan of Parks and Rec then this is definitely worth a read, you'll love it!

Now just a heads up this is for the paperback copy, I have read a few reviews on Amazon that state that the Kindle version of this is up to much so go old school and buy the book if you want to read it! 

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