About Me! - Some Random Rambles About Being A Redhead


So you may have noticed from my blog name that I am a redhead, I actually am it's not just for show!

I am also a Scottish redhead, so a total walking stereotype.

Today's post is to celebrate being a redhead, I thought I would look at some common myths (and facts) about coming from the dark (red) side.


I'm always in awe if I see a fellow redhead with a tan, but once the awe has passed I assume they have been hitting the St Tropez, as they are usually followed by the smell of soggy biscuits that I associate with self tanning.

I went to Australia during their summer many years ago, I thought this is it, I am finally gonna get a tan and stop looking like a ghost, my freckles came out in vengeance and I felt sun kissed.  Obviously I wasn't mahogany brown but I had a very, very, very faint tan line but when I pointed this out to people they told me I was imagining it! 


Now I don't mind being asked if I am natural redhead as my eyebrows are dark brown and could lead to people being suspicious about my auburn roots but what I really hate is people making filthy comments about other parts of the body and its hair colour, I just smile and say rainbow, or purple or pink or something that rhymes with duck and the followed by off.


I have a hellish temper, I am short and a redhead, and short tempered!  I have learnt to be more tolerant as I have grown older but it could be a redhead thing.  My dear father from whom I inherited my titian locks also has a bit of a short fuse.  

Saying that I know plenty of blonde's and brunettes that can fly of the handle at the drop of the hat!


This is not a myth, this is totally true!  On at least two separate occasions I have needed to get more anaesthetic because the normal amount was not enough. Once was on the operating table as I was get small surgery on my finger - ouch doesn't cover it and the second time was just before root canal surgery when the numbness was just not happening - again mega ouch.


I keep reading in the news that we are dying out, in one hundred years time there will no more redheads.  Well that surely is a lot of crap as I have two daughters and the youngest is a redhead so she may give me redheaded grand babies in years to come and they may have redheaded babies and so on and so on...

Apparently some science types have said that indeed it is crap as you don't need to be a redhead to pass along the redheaded gene (I believe it is called MC1R science fans) and the only way the redhead is going to go extinct is if the rest of the world has bitten it too.

According to statistics there is only 2% of us, loads here in Scotland and across the water in Ireland, and I believe North America has a fair share too. 

I love being a redhead its like being in a secret club, that knowing nod as you pass another red!

Now to finish off lets have some fun redheaded "FACTS*"!!

*facts according to the Internet!!!

In Poland if you pass three redheads in a row you will win 
the State lottery!

After we die the Greeks believe we turn in to vampires!

Here in the UK on New Years Day if your first visitor is a Brunette you will have the best luck! But better hope it's not a ginger we bring the worst luck!

Ick, we have red hair as we were conceived during that time of the month ladies!

We may be all witches and wizards who have stolen hell-fire and must be burnt at the stake!

In Corsica, if you pass a redhead you must turn around and spit!

So there you go some random rambles about being a redhead, I am sure a lot of it you knew but the fact we turn in to vampires was new to me!

Are you a redhead?

Have you seen a redhead being stereotypically bad tempered?

Comment below! I love to hear from you no matter what your hair colour is!

Random Redheaded Ramblings


  1. I am not a redhead. I think this post is hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, I was definitely aiming for hilarious!! The redhead life is never dull!

  2. What fun! And my red hair is mostly from a bottle, but I have always had red highlights...and my SOUL is that of a redhead.

    Plus, some of my kids were strawberry blondes as children.

    1. The soul of a redhead! Some people say we have no soul!!!!!

      Seriously yay for red hair dye too!!!

  3. Fun post, Heather! I am not a redhead, I'm blonde... and I don't know why new people always feel the need to tell me a 'blonde joke'... *rolls eyes*
    Have a great week :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. I feel for you, I think Brunettes get off lightly don't they!!


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