REVIEW - Run by Rich Restucci

Title: Run
Author: Rich Restucci
Source: Amazon

The dead have risen, and they are hungry. 

Slow and plodding, they are Legion. The undead hunt the living. Stop and they will catch you. Hide and they will find you. 

If you have a heartbeat you do the only thing you can: You run. 

Survivors escape to an island stronghold: A cop and his daughter, a computer nerd, a garbage man with a piece of rebar, and an escapee from a mental hospital with a life-saving secret. 

After reaching Alcatraz, the ever expanding group of survivors realize that the infected are not the only threat. Caught between the viciousness of the undead, and the heartlessness of the living, what choice is there? 


Crazy virus outbreak?
Zombies everywhere?
Survivors few and far between?
Great American setting?
Strong leading man?
People driven mad with power?


Hell, I love me an America gone to shit zombie-a-thon. This book delivers that, it has blood, gore and crazy!

Run is set in San Francisco, a virus outbreak on the east coast in Boston has gotten out of hand, it is spreading like wildfire, the dead are rising and they are hungry.

Rick picks up his young daughter from the airport, she has just arrived on a flight from Boston, at this point everything in SF is still relatively normal, in fact Rick manages to give the airline attendant a good look over BUT that night things start to go wrong.

Rick is a cop, his boss calls him in to work, stressing that he can't go in as he has his daughter he is told to come in the following morning. That does not happen, during the night Rick hears disturbances outside his house, what he witnesses shocks him to the core.

A man gone crazy, attacking ambulance men and not falling down dead despite being shot, the virus has reached the west coast.

Rick decides to head to get his father, along with his daughter they run the gauntlet of zombies and people going crazy. Along the way he picks up some companions including a guy from the south called Dallas, a young computer tech guy and a guy called Billy who is not all there.

Once they have picked up Rick's dad they make their way to Alcatraz where the remaining officers of SFPD are holed up, can they make their way through a city full of dead who want them for their next meal?

Run is a good read but a couple of things bothered me, there was a character in it Doc Murda who reminded me a little of the villain in the James Bond film that was set in New Orleans, he seemed hell bent on getting control of Alcatraz, I know people go all sorts of crazy when bad things happen but if I was stuck in SF when the shit hit the fan I'd be getting the hell out of Dodge and finding a hole to hide in. I certainly wouldn't be try to be the big "I AM" but hey I suppose it add something to the story but I'd rather have more zombies and less Bond villain.  

Also a submarine appears beside Alcatraz with some US military inside it, lucky for the guys on Alcatraz but I would prefer if they had to struggle without help from the submariners.

Apart from that I did enjoy it, besides the blood and gore there was also humour and I believe looking at the authors goodreads page there will be a sequel as the ending does give you the impression that there is lot more to be said and done. 

If you are a zombie fan it is worth giving this a read.

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  1. Better you than me. Not my genre as I get nightmares, lol. Glad you had fun reading it.

  2. It gives me nightmares too, the dreams I have with zombies are kinda hairy!


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