REVIEW - Techbitch by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

Authors: Lucy Skyes and Jo Piazza

Publisher: Penguin (4 Jun. 2015)

Oh where do I start with this gem of a book?

Right, first of there is one great big obvious comparison that I'll need to discuss before I go any further and that is Techbitch and it's similarity to the Devil wears Prada.  Yes they are both set in the glossy world of fashion magazines and yes they feature bitches but Techbitch makes Miranda Priestly look like a Sunday School teacher.

I love this book by the way, it can do no wrong, in fact it is so wonderful I have even learnt some stuff from it, like it mentions a great website called codeacademy where a humble beginner can learn to code HTML and CSS and all those other weird bloggy things that have funny names.

Anyhoo I am veering of course, Techbitch is the story of Imogen Tate, editor-in-chief of fashion bible Glossy, well at least she thought she was.  She has been away from work for six months following treatment for breast cancer, she is back and she wants to work.

The offices she enters are alien to what she remembers, familiar faces are gone replaced by much younger ones and in her chair sits an old assistant of hers, Eve Morton who was the best assistant Imogen ever had but is about to become Imogen's worst nightmare.

Glossy is no longer going to be a print magazine, it is going to be an app, a website, an all singing and dancing hot bed of fashion and gossip - 24 hours a day.

Imogen can only just use her iPhone and now she is faced with learning all about social media and the circus that goes with it, but she feels like a dinosaur, Eve is who is in charge of the whole thing is young (and obnoxious), tech savvy and has gone from sweet assistant to megalomaniac bitch.

Techbitch charts Imogen's return to Glossy and it's transformation from mag to app, it also shows wonderfully Imogen as she learns to tweet (with funny consequences), becomes the queen of Instagram and starts to become savvy with all the techno-babble associated with the tech world.

Imogen is also a mother and wife, there are no extramarital affairs, she is very happily marred with a young family in a wonderfully lavish house in NYC, but she feels the constant guilt that I am sure all mothers feel when they have to work late or put their jobs ahead of their family.  She feels it the most when her daughter starts to receive bullying messages on her Facebook page - is technology as wonderful as it is made out to be.  

Imogen really is pure class, despite everything she remains dignified despite wanting to take Eve and strangle her. Eve is another story, it is magnificent to watch her go from enthusiastic employee to crazy-ass-psycho-bridezilla-boss in a matter of months, her idea of leadership involves working 24 hour days, demeaning people and teaching them how to do the Single Ladies dance whether they like it or not, she is a scheming bitch, a social climber and you really want her to trip and fall from a great height.

This a wonderful read, it shows women at their best and definitely at their worst, it is full of wonderful supporting characters and really helpful tips too!

If you loved the Devil wears Prada, read this, If you have any interest in fashion magazines, read this, if you love the whole Silicon Valley techno world, read this. 

If you want a story that makes you laugh, cry and want to push a character under a bus, then read this!

Thank you Penguin - Michael Joseph for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Have you read The Knockoff by the same authors? How does Techbitch compare? From your well-written synopsis they sound like the same book. I'm in the US so it could very well be the same book with a different title.

  2. The Knockoff and Techbitch are the same book, just looked on Goodreads and it confirms it. I hate it when a book has two names!

    1. Thanks, Heather! I look forward to reading it as The Knockoff, as that's the copy on my nightstand.


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