The A to Z of Dystopia - Round Up #1 A to E

So for the last few weeks I have been rambling on about the end of the world with my weekly post, The A to Z of Dystopia.

This week is a round-up post to cover what I have done so far and to tell you what the next week's letter is going to be.

So first of all what is the A to Z of Dystopia?

I am going to pick one subject from this genre, it may be a person, it may be an event, it may be something useful but it will relate to dystopian books that I have been inspired by.

Ok, so we have covered so far the letter which was for..
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This coming week I am tackling the letter F and I am going to be talking about fitness, I just do not get how as soon as the apocalypse hits everyone seems to become Olympic class athletes, if the shit hits the fan I have no chance, my fitness level is abysmal!

So if you like gratuitous gifs of Jensen Ackles as well as talking about dystopian problems then please join me every week!

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