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This week the topic - Favourite Games

I am partial to game or two and being the mother of two very competitive daughters, any board game we play usually ends in tears or fisticuffs!

Our fave game is probably....


It never grows old, it is awesome as a board game, PC game, mobile game etc etc, I love it!

I won't cover my Legend of Zelda addiction here but I have a major weakness for games where I have to build cities like SimCity and Simpsons Tapped Out, if only I had more hours in the day!

Do you play any games? What's your favourite?

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  1. I love Monopoly, and included that one in my post. As I read through the blog posts, I was reminded of several other fun games, too.


  2. I also love Monopoly and I stay away from SimCity. I was really addicted to it and nothing got done around the house lol.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Kathy @ My Nook, Books & More
    My Beyond the Books post

    1. I adored the original Sim City on the PC and I do have the last version of it but I just had no time to play it so I have a happy medium now with a basic fun version on my Kindle.

  3. Do you find that monopoly can go on for hours? I can remember playing the board game when I was a kid and it just went on and on. I miss it. I should check out the pc game, not that I need another thing to distract me from chores. But if you say it is good, I need to check it out.

    1. Totally, in fact I prefer a good long game! I've played lots of different pc versions from basic to ones with fancy graphics, I love them all!

  4. My husband's favorite game is Monopoly. I'm sure it will be a game we play with my daughter when she's old enough. For now, we're stuck with Hungry Hungry Hippo. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I love the hippo game but my pair have grown out of it and have progressed on to pinball with the noisiest machine ever!!

  5. I remember marathons of Monopoly when I was a kid. We'd leave the board set up overnight and just keep going the next day.

  6. Monopoly has been a long time favourite in our family as well! I play it a lot with my little sister and occasionally with a friend of mine. I love Uno to bits, and I also really like this game called the Game of Life, for some reason :P


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