The A to Z of Dystopia #5 - E is for Electricity

Hey! Welcome to week 5 of my A to Z of Dystopia!

If this is your first week I better tell what I am trying to do!

I am going to pick one subject from the Dystopian genre, it may be a person, it may be an event, it may be something useful but it will relate to dystopian books that I have been inspired by.

So each week I shall ramble on and on and on, we have had already the letter ABC, D this week it is the turn of E!

What is it going to be?.....(drum roll..........)

While I am typing this my laptop is plugged in to the mains, the wifi router is plugged in to the mains, everything is powered by the mains. Do you take electricity for granted?

Are you like this when you have a power cut ?

Imagine if the power went off and never came back on....

The longest I have had a power cut at home was probably about 12 hours, that was 11 hours and 59 minutes too long.  

A lot of dystopian novels are set after a catastrophic event whether it be a nuclear war, zombies etc, most of the characters in these books are lacking in the use of electricty.

Could we cope in a world without it? I think not as we are a world addicted to gadgets, whether it be our phones, our tablets, our laptops and our games consoles.  I am rarely within a metre of my phone, in fact I have panicked thinking I have lost my phone when it is my back pocket.

I don't know if the above pic is true, but a global blackout would be shit scary, planes couldn't fly, the internet would be dead, Starbucks would be shut, people would riot.

The likes of Kim Kardashian would freak out as they wouldn't be able to charge their phones, how would she be able to take a picture of her arse and put it on Instagram?

Candles are pretty and all but they stink after a while and you can't use them to stream NetFlix plus there is the whole fire thing.

An alternative is the generator but they won't last forever either.

I have read a few books where electricity is no longer and the author's describe mountains of plastic gadgets, things that would have cost hundreds of $/£ just lying there totally useless.

Imagine the memories that would be held in these gadgets, baby pictures, wedding pictures, holiday pictures, lost forever.

I'd like to think I could man up and cope without it but the night without lights inside and out, well that may scare me a bit...

Electricity is an expense but it is a major convenience, one that we take for granted, lets hope the lights never go off!

Electro Magnetic Pulse

Environmental Disaster

(Nineteen) Eighty Four

Next week the letter F! 

F is for.........

Random Redheaded Ramblings

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