The A to Z of Dystopia #6 - F is for Fitness

Hey! Welcome to week 6 of my A to Z of Dystopia!

If this is your first week I better tell what I am trying to do!

I am going to pick one subject from the Dystopian genre, it may be a person, it may be an event, it may be something useful but it will relate to dystopian books that I have been inspired by.

So each week I shall ramble on and on and on, you can view what I have covered so far here.

This week I am taking on.....

How is it in most dystopian novels that when the shit hits the fan, the damsel in distress seems to suddenly seems to have a super, amazing level of fitness?

They walk, jog, run for miles, barely pausing for breath.  I know for a fact I would be stuffed.  

I am by no means a lazy slob but hell no, I'd rather climb up a tree to get away from zombies than to run miles.

Are dystopian writers using some sort of persuasive means in their writing to turn us all in to gym bunnies?

How can the characters in these books maintain their levels of fitness on poor diets, lack of sleep etc?  Are they working on adrenaline and nerves alone?

 Maybe I have just not read it yet, but I need to read a book where the main character is an unfit, chain smoker who not only has to deal with giving up the smokes but has to get fit whilst doing so.

I know they are books but there need to be a bit more realism in some of the novels.  Yes again books = escape from real life but it is nice to have some aspect of real life in these books!!

Anyway I am off to eat a big burger and think about going for a run, thinking about it surely burns the same calories as doing it?

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Next week the letter G! 

G is for.........

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