The A to Z of Dystopia #7 - G is for Gorgeous Guys

Hey! Welcome to week 7 of my A to Z of Dystopia!

If this is your first week I better tell what I am trying to do!

I am going to pick one subject from the Dystopian genre, it may be a person, it may be an event, it may be something useful but it will relate to dystopian books that I have been inspired by.

So each week I shall ramble on and on and on (please remember everything here is me generally being playful!), you can view what I have covered so far here.

This week I am taking on.....

I mean OMG why is when the world has ended all the good looking guys come out of the woodwork?

If I was single instead of going on a dating site I think I would just hope for the end of the world and I would be guaranteed a hot guy!

Maybe it is just me but have you ever read a dystopian novel where the heroine meets a less than handsome guy.

I love dystopia, I really do and I love all the usual suspects where gorgeous guys hang about the pages like Divergent, Article 5, Hunger Games etc.

It just seems to be in every novel there is romance, the end of the world comes and woop the leading lady teams up with the first hot piece of ass she comes across.

I mean ladies you don't have to take up with the first guy cause that could possibly lead to a love triangle and that would not be worth reading about...


Groups - good or go it alone?

Next week the letter H! 

H is for.........

Random Redheaded Ramblings

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