Interview with the author of Pretty Dark Sacrifice - Heather L Reid

Welcome to my stop on the Pretty Dark Sacrifice tour, I am excited to share with you my interview with the author Heather L Reid!

Title: Pretty Dark Sacrifice (Pretty Dark Nothing #2)
Publication date: July 28, 2015
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Heather L. Reid

It’s been five weeks, two days, and eight hours since the demons forced Quinn to throw herself into the raging river, since Aaron sacrificed himself to save her, since his body disappeared without a trace.

Everyone wants Quinn to move on, but she can’t, not after a spirit appears to her at Aaron's memorial, convincing her he’s still alive.

When a mysterious box materializes on the very spot Aaron disappeared, Quinn finds she’s at the center of an ancient prophesy of betrayal, revenge, and sacrifice that takes her to the depths of the underworld to face Lilith—Adam’s first wife.

If Quinn can stop Lilith from unleashing the demon horde Eve, trapped inside the box during the Battle of Eden millennia ago, she will save the human realm and free Aaron from an eternity in torment.

All it will cost is her blood.

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Welcome to my blog Heather! Can you please tell my readers what inspired you to write the Pretty Dark series?

When I was young, I was haunted by recurring dreams of faceless entities, of black figures standing by my bed whispering in the deep shadows of my childhood room. Sometimes, I would wake from their dark grasp and find my six-year-old self standing at the end of my parents’ bed, in the kitchen, or walking down the hallway. Other times, I would suffer from sleep paralysis, trapped between dream and reality, a scream trapped in my throat.

I spent my pre-teen years trying to rationalize my fear while I spent my nights huddled under my covers with a book and a flash light afraid to fall asleep for fear of what would greet me in my dreams. I kept this a secret from my friends and family, afraid of what they would think. Thought the nightmares finally stopped some years ago, their shadows never truly left me. I guess it’s not surprising that those experiences, so vividly etched upon my imagination and tightly twined around my soul, would find their way into my own writing. 

In the Pretty Dark series, I wanted to write about a girl facing her own darkness. What would happen if her nightmares manifested in her reality and she was the only one who could see them? How would fear, the self-awareness that what she was seeing might be real, but shouldn’t be, affect her everyday life, her relationships, her ability to trust herself, to trust others, and to make decisions. 

I chose demons as metaphors for the darkness that lives inside all of us, the personification of that still small voice inside that perpetuates negative thought and twists the truth. They feed on the darkness living inside humans and exploit and magnify the insecurities and self-doubt they find and use it to gain power and create chaos. In book 2, Pretty Dark Sacrifice, Quinn now understands what this darkness is and she’s struggling with how to fight them. There are a lot more paranormal and fantasy elements in the second book, inspired by Jewish folklore, the story of Eden, and threads of the Greek myth of Pandora’s box, all twisted together to make my own version of angels, demons, and the underworld. 

Do you put any of yourself in to your characters?

Yes, I think all of my characters have a small piece of me in them. How could they not? Like children, they each are shaped in some capacity by my experiences, my relationships, my thoughts. 

I see from your Goodreads profile you love Scotland! My home country! Where have you visited?

You might regret asking me that question. I could talk about Scotland all day long! ;-) Scotland is my second home! It’s such a beautiful and magical place and I miss it. My husband and I were married at a small castle in Dumfries. He’s from the West Coast of Scotland (Ayrshire) which is about 45 minutes from Glasgow, and we lived there together for several years, before moving to the States, so I've seen quite a bit. Edinburgh is probably my favorite city. There’s a Waterstone’s bookstore with leather couches nestled against huge bay windows with an incredible view of the castle. It’s one of my favorite places to write. Parts of Pretty Dark Nothing and Pretty Dark Sacrifice were written there while visiting. I've also spent some time in Stirling, where William Wallace led the Battle of Stirling, Inverness, Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, Isle of Skye, Ft. William, The Highlands, and The Cairngorms. We’re heading back in October for several weeks and I can’t wait to see my Scottish family and spent some time walking the beaches and staring out at the Isle or Arran. 

Will you continue to write in this genre or would you like to explore other genres?

I would love to explore other genres. While I’ll always love horror and paranormal, I'm ready to explore another genre I'm passionate about—epic fantasy.

Can you tell me about any upcoming projects?

My current work in progress is an epic fantasy set in an Iron Age society where tribal clans are invaded by a conquering empire with threads of a Beauty and the Beast re-imagining.

Thank you for answering my questions! Look forward to reading the book!

Heather L. Reid is both American and British and has called six different cities in three different countries, home. Her strong sense of wanderlust and craving for a new adventure mean you might find her wandering the moors of her beloved Scotland, exploring haunted castles, or hiking through a magical forest in search of fairies and sprites. When she’s not venturing into the unknown in her real life, she loves getting lost in the worlds of video games or curling up by the fire with good story. For now, this native Texan is back in the Lone Star State, settling down with her Scottish husband and writing new tales of fantasy and horror.  
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  1. Omg, Heather's childhood experiences sound sooo scary! I've heard about sleep paralysis, and am so thankful that I've never experienced it before. Definitely makes for some great stories though, and for writing! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. It is incredibly scary! But yes it will definitely add to some great books!

  2. I always knew dreams lead to a lot of books, but this time we get to see how it really did work that way! It must have been a pretty frightening dream to keep having.

    1. It really gives me the shivers, I don't have nightmares very often but that sounds crazy scary.

  3. Dang, those sound like some scary times. Glad they've pretty much stopped. Ahh, I need to make my way to Scotland someday! Wonderful interview, ladies. It sounds like a good book.

    1. Thanks Christy! Come to Scotland, you are guaranteed a warm welcome (and probably rain!!!)


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