REVIEW - Untouchable Things by Tara Guha

Title: Untouchable Things
Author: Tara Guha
Publisher: Legend Press
Release Date: 1st September 2015
Source: ARC kindly supplied by Legend Press

For the third time this week he is watching her scream. Watching, not listening. 
Rebecca Laurence is centre stage and shining in her role as Ophelia. She pivots, rotating like a ballerina impaled in a musical box, red hair cascading down her back. 

Amidst the thundering applause, one man is watching. Rebecca meets the charismatic Seth Gardner, and as attraction grows between them, he invites her to join his Friday Folly, a group of artistic friends. 

But as Rebecca is drawn into the web of tangled relationships all is not as it appears. The scene is set for the night that will rip the group apart. Consumed by loss and surrounded by secrets, Rebecca must escape the grip of the Folly to have any chance of saving herself. Meanwhile, one man continues to watch.

This is a very dark read and the way it is formatted is very different. As well as normal "chapters", it has snippets of police interviews and scenes (set out like a script), all of this tells the story of the artistic group known as Friday Folly.

It starts with us being introduced to Rebecca, an actress currently on stage as Ophelia, she meets the charming, confident Seth and even though she is already in a relationship, she finds herself spending more and more time with him.

He tells her she would be perfect to join his art group the Friday Folly and she agrees. His charm extends to others and soon he has quite the group.

The group of course is not perfect, far from it and Seth despite all his confidence has something going on that is hidden from his "friends".

The group starts to fall apart when Seth goes missing and this is when the book becomes even darker. 

This is a complex book, to be honest and not a light hearted read by any stretch of the imagination, you really have to concentrate but once you get hooked in you'll find it hard to stop without going all the way to the end.

Thank you to Legend Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review


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  1. Looks good to me, I'm adding it to my list, thanks ^^

  2. When I read the blurb of this book it sounded like it even had the possibility to be a chick lit. But I am assured that this is a bit of a darker read. I like the sound of that because personally I am not too into light hearted books.


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