The A to Z of Dystopia #10 - Junkfood

Hey! Welcome to week 10 of my A to Z of Dystopia!

If this is your first week I better tell what I am trying to do!

I am going to pick one subject from the Dystopian genre, it may be a person, it may be an event, it may be something useful, but it will relate to dystopian books that I have been inspired by.

So each week I shall ramble on and on and on, you can view what I have covered so far here.

This week I am taking on.....

I decided to keep Mr Wonka up top because this week it is junk food.  My reason for this representing the letter J? 

Well the reason is this, it is the end of the world, fruit and veg have rotted away, other food stuffs have gone bad, what is left?

Oh yeah, vending machines, supermarkets, little shops if they haven't already been raided, get your butt to the aisle where they keep the good shit, I'm talking about those foods that seem to last forever and ever and ever.

Food that have probably have all manner of things in them to make them last, foods that probably have a ton of sugar in them, possibly some strange e numbers but hey they will give you a sugar high to beat the depression of your dystopian situation.

So the next time you are out and about, take note of your nearest junk food stockist, you may need it one day!

DISCLAIMER: The writer does not accept any liabilty for loss of teeth or expansion of gut during dystopic junkfood scenario.

Next week - K!

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  1. LOL Heather... I am totally going to state that it would be your responsibility if my teeth rotted and my gut expanded because I started eating only snickers while reading dystopia :p
    I hope you've had a good week! Enjoy your weekend and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. I had a disclaimer, no responsibility on my part!!!

      I really want some sweets now!!

  2. Bwhahah this is SO true! It would be all Snickers and Jolly Ranchers at the end of the world. Hey, have you read Gone? I think someone ends up opening the McDonald's back up or something hahah. This is a fabulous choice!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. I haven't but I bought them when they were down in price on Amazon, will have a read soon!

    2. I've Gone on my kindle, still to read but at the mention of McDs it got higher up my list!!


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