The A to Z of Dystopia #11 - K is for Kit

Hey! Welcome to week 11 of my A to Z of Dystopia!

If this is your first week I better tell what I am trying to do!

I am going to pick one subject from the Dystopian genre, it may be a person, it may be an event, it may be something useful, but it will relate to dystopian books that I have been inspired by.

So each week I shall ramble on and on and on, you can view what I have covered so far here.

This week I am taking on.....

So I am sure all skilled survival experts pre-apocalypse will have some sort of amazing organised kit bag ready to go.  

Click the pic to see this on Cafepress
Now if I was one of those organised types my kit bag would also be packed and read to go, I had better pack the following.

Lady Products
Torch and Batteries
Loo Roll
Clean Drinking Water
First Aid Kit
Lots of food
Swiss Army Knife
Sleeping bag

I think that should be enough, that is what a sensible person would take.  

I am not sensible, first of all sod the rucksack or knapsack let's get Hermione''s magic bag!

So the end of the world has came, I have minutes to clear out of my house, what am I going to grab (my husband, kids and dog are already out of the house and prepared)?

This is what I would go for, my total end of the world kit!

Lady Products

Yes I know its the same but hold on there is more

My kindle - there will be electricity to recharge it right?

The complete Lord of the Rings - its not heavy, it will be fine.

All the jelly beans I can carry - fruit flavours count as one of your five a day?

iPhone and charger - of course there will be electricty.

More books - just in case there is not electricity and I finish LOTR.

At least 24 loo rolls, actually make it 48 just to be on the safe side.

Will I need a handbag? Which one will go with my end of the world outfit?

I'll need coffee, that means I'll need a kettle - I wasn't kidding about the electricity.

Could I fit Bear Grylls in there too?

Joking aside, I wouldn't have a clue what to grab, I would probably pick up useless things that I wouldn't need, I overpack going on holiday never mind running from nuclear bombs or rabid zombie hordes.  

Thankfully good old Google is a wealth of knowledge and the well prepared kit contains all manner of wonderful survival goodies.

So this weeks question, you have five minutes to go - what would you take (remember just for you, all loved ones and furry creatures are prepared already)!?

Next week - L!

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