BEYOND THE BOOKS - Worst Reason For Reading Or Buying A Book


Beyond the Blog is a weekly meme hosted by KissinBlueKaren where she throws out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and we blog about it!

Shit I am late posting this, sorry, sorry, sorry!

So Karen asks what is the worst reason you have for buying or reading a book?

Hell, sales get me every time, I cannot walk past a discount book store without making a random purchase that might be good.

Also 3 for 2 offers where only one of the books is any good, ok all of them are crap but other people loved them so....

The cover it is so pretty, inside must be excellent, the best book ever, I must read it NOW!!!! 

Yep you guessed it it went to the charity shop, not even touched.

Other reasons would include -

I'll buy it now and I will get around to reading it .

It will look so pretty on my bookshelf.....untouched, gathering dust.

I have the authors other books and even though they were a bit meh, I suppose I better buy this one in case I fuck up the fabric of space and time.

I'll buy it because it is really wordy and intelligent, people will think I am sooooo like smart (I do own War and Peace never read it but was bought for this reason from a discount book shop on a 3 for 2 offer).

So guys and gals, are you guilty of buying a book for less than sensible reasons?

If so confess below!!!!

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  1. I didn't know you did this feature, too. I love reading Katherine P's posts on I Wish I Lived in a Library. Now I can read yours, too! I have been buying all of the Septimus Heap books in hardcover even though I became bored with the series during the fourth book, but all seven will look so pretty on my shelves. I adore their cover art. Ha!

    1. Yes please do!!! I am a sucker for pretty books and having a complete set whether I read them or not keeps me happy!!

  2. I always like a good bargain, so if a book is on sale or is crazy cheap, that is so a reason to get it! And if I have been waiting for it for ages I will splurge ^^

    1. I just have no willpower, I wish I could resist those lovely books!!


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