REVIEW - The Last Town by Blake Crouch

Title: The Last Town (Wayward Pines #3)

Author: Blake Crouch

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer

Release Date: 14th July 2014

Source: NetGalley

Welcome to Wayward Pines, the last town.

Secret Service agent Ethan Burke arrived in Wayward Pines, Idaho, three weeks ago. 

In this town, people are told who to marry, where to live, where to work. Their children are taught that David Pilcher, the town’s creator, is God. 

No one is allowed to leave; even asking questions can get you killed.

But Ethan has discovered the astonishing secret of what lies beyond the electrified fence that surrounds Wayward Pines and protects it from the terrifying world beyond. 

It is a secret that has the entire population completely under the control of a madman and his army of followers, a secret that is about to come storming through the fence to wipe out this last, fragile remnant of humanity.

If you haven't read books one or two (my reviews are here if you want a look) please stop and read because there will be spoilers for you. 

Wayward Pines is in uproar, at the end of the last book the residents where shocked to learn that their "idyllic" lives are a sham and that they are several thousand years in the future.

As far as they know they are the last remaining humans on the planet, a planet that is now overrun by abbies, humanoid creatures with a taste for flesh.  Unfortunately for our townsfolk, at the end of the last book crazy town creator David Pilcher has done the unthinkable and opened the gate that kept that abbies out and the townsfolk safe.

Ethan Burke our secret service agent turned town sheriff has to convince everyone that they are in serious danger and they need to get the hell out of dodge quickly before they become a hot meal for one of those creatures.

So the question is will they survive? There is not many of them and thousands of abbies, the odds are definitely not in their favour.  A bit of a bloodbath is what happens next, not for the faint of heart but the utopia created by Pilcher falls apart page by page with the population dropping like flies.

The Last Town was a great end to a very enjoyable series, it didn't suffer from crap last book syndrome which several good series have been spoilt for me by.  It is pure escapism, it is fast paced, bloody and engaging, I think you should read it!

Thanks to Thomas and Mercer for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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