REVIEW - Murder on Sea by Julie Wassmer

Title: Murder on Sea (Whitstable Pearl #2)

Author: Julie Wassmer

Publisher: Constable

Release Date: Paperback 1st October 2015

Source: ARC

The festive month is kicking off in style and Pearl is rushed off her feet with her restaurant, The Whitstable Pearl. She's also busy planning her own family Christmas and providing mulled wine for a charity church fundraiser when Christmas cards begin arriving all over town - filled with spiteful messages from an anonymous writer.

Pearl's curiosity is piqued but having pledged not to take on a case at her detective agency before Christmas, she reluctantly agrees that Canterbury's DCI Mike McGuire should take over; poisoned pen cards are after all a matter for the police. And with only the church fundraiser now between Pearl and Christmas, she invites McGuire along as her guest. 

The event appears to be a great success; St Alfred's church hall is packed and Pearl happily finds herself standing close to McGuire beneath some mistletoe . . . but then a guest suddenly collapses. Too much of Pearl's delicious mulled wine - or could it be something more sinister?

The last thing Pearl expects for Christmas is murder but soon the bodies are piling up. Can Pearl possibly solve the mystery in time to make 25th December an unforgettable day - or will the murderer contrive to ensure her goose is well and truly cooked before then?

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I really enjoyed my read of the first book in this series, The Whitstable Pearl Mystery, and I was excited to get my mitts on the next book in the series Murder on Sea!

I loved this story, first of all it is set at my favourite time of the year, Christmas time, it is also set in the seaside town of Whitstable in Kent (England - I have been there!!) and there is plenty of foodies descriptions and a nice dollop of cosy romance, oh and murder!

Pearl Nolan is getting ready for Christmas, her successful seafood restaurant is still busy and she is excited for her son coming home for Christmas.  Her private detective business is ticking over nicely but with Christmas on the way family and work take priority until....

Her friends start to visit her with cards they have received, each of them with hateful messages inside that they want Pearl to get to the bottom of but she feels it is a job for the police and that means her friend in the force DCI Mike McGuire.

McGuire is a good cop but he lost someone he loved and now after finally coming to terms with it, he is seeing single mother Pearl in a new light, the pair of them have many "moments" together but when she invites him to the church fundraiser their moment under the mistletoe is interrupted by the collapse of one of the locals, a lady called Diana.

Without giving too much away, Diana unfortunately does not survive and it looks like she was poisoned, the question is by who? Is it linked to the poison pen letters or could it be the grievance she had with her neighbours?  But with Pearl and McGuire both witnesses to Diana's demise it is guaranteed they will get to the bottom of it.

I loved this book, it could have been the festive atmosphere, it could be because I had already met the characters in the first book and was comfortable around them or it could be that this was just a constant enjoyable read from start to finish.

I like hearing a bit more about McGuire's background and the chemistry between him and Pearl was certainly getting sparkier.  There is also plenty of other supporting character such as her mother Dolly and her friend Nathan who give a wonderful light hearted aspect to the story.

This is cosy crime with a little dark streak, perfect and just the way I like it!  I hope to be back to Whitstable again soon!


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  1. It's always good when you're invested on the characters already. Makes the adventure better

  2. Film going to try to get this for the hohoho read a Thon.

  3. I remember seeing you enjoy the first book recently and have read your review for that one already! I am so glad to know you loved this one as well and look forward to this one! I am glad it was such a good sequel to the first one and just as fun!


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