DUFF'S DO DISNEY......AGAIN - Let Us Begin

I know I usually go on about books (and I promise in this series of posts books will play a part book lovers!) but I need to scream from the highest heights of my virtual mountain - I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

In my house we love Disney, me and the other half first visited back in 2003 on our honeymoon. We had never properly been to America before (I don't think a couple of hour layover at LAX counted) and instantly loved Orlando. We didn't do Disney but went to Sea World, Universal and Busch Gardens. We shopped, we ate, oh boy did we eat and we promised that we would come back.

I am actually happy here, it was hot at Kennedy Space Centre, how young I am!
Never thinking we would, I was happy when we were able to go back in 2005, again revisiting our old haunts. We loved the Disney films but just thought going to Disney World would be a waste on us twenty-somethings. Boy where we wrong!

We didn't go on holiday for 5 years, two babies, a new house and life got in the way but in 2010 we went back. This time we did Disney, we had our kids and my in-laws in tow and we loved it. Honestly why had we not been before?

The parks are huge, the whole place was just magical, my kids where in heaven and I was speechless with happiness.

That was the death knell for any other holiday spots, so far we have been 6 times to Orlando, 2003, 2005, 2010 then 2012, 2013 and 2014. We took a break this year to do some crazy saving but next year we are going back with a vengeance.

So Duff's Do Disney is going to follow my planning and basically I'll talk about everything. As we are in Scotland we have quite the journey to get to Orlando so I'll discuss how we do it, where we stay, where we like to eat, where we like to play and anything else I can think off. Plus there may be lots of silly hats, we love silly hats!

2014 Silly hats at the Rainforest Cafe
As a mainly book blog I also will be looking at some great Orlando planning books and books about Disney so my fellow book nerds won't be left out. But I understand Orlando isn't for everyone.

Anyway I love Orland and I hope you enjoy these posts and I'd love to hear from anybody who has tips and tricks for the happiest place on Earth!


  1. Ooh how fun! I really want to go back to Disney World. I've only been once and I was younger, so I remember things, but I think it would be even MORE fun nowadays. Plus, I really want to visit Harry Potter World. :)


    1. I love it! I haven't been to Universal for ten years so of course Harry Potter would be high on my list to visit there!

  2. So exciting! I visited Dinsey World Paris twice in my live and both were fun experiences, although it's long ago so I already forgot a lot as well. I was pretty young back then so my mom organized and planned most of the trips, the first time we stayed in one of the cheaper hotels close to disney I remember seeing some customed disney characters walking around in the lobby. The second time we stayed a few metro stops away which worked pretty well as you could get to Dinsey pretty quick. And I think it was probably cheaper than an actual disney hotel?

    It's a very magical feel and they really put a lot of effort in those parks. I might want to visit again now I am an adult and wonder how that would make the experience different.
    I am looking forward to see your planning posts! I can imagine going from America form here is quite the journey.

    1. It is a huge journey but I love everything at airport, I love wondering where people are going, I love the over priced shops and I love watching the planes!

      Disney is not everyone's cup of tea but for us it is truly magical, it is always changing and there are so many good things being built like Avatarland and new Star Wars attractions, I can't wait!

  3. I would love to go to Disney World! It sounds like it is going to be such an experience and well, I am crazy about everything Disney so that is really special to be able to go. I went to Disneyland Paris but I know there are a few differences to World so I would want to to do that too.

    1. Well prepared to have information overload, I have no set plan but I am not going till this time next year so I will be posting about as much as possible!


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