Duff's Do Disney......Again! - Planning Aids - APPS!

So even though our 2016 visit will be our seventh time to the land of the mouse I still like to get me some guidebooks and apps that will help me keep up to date with what is happening in Orlando.

Disney is constantly evolving and after the D23 event which showcased all the exciting new features coming to the world this means attractions will be closing or moving or who knows, so being a control freak when it comes to holiday planning I need to know what is what.

So let's have a look at my planning apps in this post (all of which have been downloaded from the App Store).


This is a fun little app (and it is free) that you pop in the date of an event and it counts down the days to the occasion. As you can see today I have a huge wait of over a year but as it gets closer I will be religiously checking my milestones such a...

"300 days to go!"
"250 days to go!"
"200 days to go"

You get the idea, and needless to say, I burst with excitement when I get into single digits!

This is kind of essential as it is how I keep track of flight prices to begin with and flight schedules once I am booked. 

Last year was the first time we flew long haul with BA (which I will ramble about in another post) and I could not fault them  I used the app prior to booking to look up the prices which are usually about a year in advance (so just now I need to wait about another month before I start looking for next year), you just select your starting point and end point, dates, travellers, class and hey presto it will show you the best deal.

On the day before we travelled, I checked to make sure our flights were on time (they were) and on the day before we came home I checked again to see if they were delayed  (they are), this app gave me the heads up to expect the best and worst. 

It's free and it works!


I loved this app, which is free, for these following reasons.

  • It linked up to my tickets/magic bands
  • I could see my entire booking
  • I could make FastPass reservations
  • I could make dining reservations
  • I knew if there was a five-hour wait on Splash Mountain
  • I knew if there was no wait at Living with the Land
  • I could read menus
  • I could see everything at every park, rides, shops, dining, characters
  • It has maps (I do love a map)
  • Opening hours for everything
  • I need to pee, where is the toilet? Yes, the app will tell me!
I just loved the fact that sitting in rainy Scotland a month before we went I could start making dining reservations and FP reservations, and once we were there we could do all of these things to change our day if needed. Plus as the World has free WiFi you can check everything on site too.

It is also free and it is fabulous!

Do you use any apps to plan your Disney time? 
Or do you just go with the flow? 
I'd love to know!

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  1. We are headed to Disney in about a month!! I definitely need to download that Disney app ASAP. This is our first time with the kids so we are pretty pumped! Happy planning and thanks for sharing!


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