REVIEW - The End Of The World As We Knew It by Nick Cole

Title: The End of the World as we knew it

Author: Nick Cole

Publisher: Kindle Copy

Release Date: 23rd August 2015

Source: Own Copy

In the future, an artist specialising in historical records creates a piece of art based on three separate accounts of the Pandemic. 

What follows is a patchwork tale of survival and horror as two lovers struggle to survive the undying dead and the collapse of an America turned charnel house. 

Told as memos from Ground Zero, and later in the journal of a Dark Tower-like quest by train and foot across a nightmare landscape of ruined cities and raving corpses, the three accounts reveal more than just the grim realities of society’s collapse. 

The Notebook meets The Walking Dead in this stained glass depiction of the end of the world as we knew it.
I have been meaning to read a Nick Cole book for a long time, as a fan of authors such as Hugh Howey and Ann Christy, Nick's work seems to pop up on my screen sent there by those crafty devils at Amazon who want me to part with my money, their cunning plan worked and I bought this.

Yes this is a novel about zombies but they do not take over each page, what takes over is the tale of Alex and Jason, a young couple separated by the vastness of the United States when a pandemic takes hold.

Their story is so much more than slash, run, slash, fall in love, slash some more, behead that zombie that you get with some pandemic tales.  It is story that will have you rooting for the characters right up until the end, which made me shed a tear.

In the future, a historian is piecing together accounts of this terrible pandemic, the accounts make up this book.  We have Alex's story, a marketing guru sent to California to work at a secret government lab.  One that is cooking up something that is going to make the shit hitteth thy fan, she likes a drink, she is saddled with guilt, she has cheated on Jason but she loves him so so much but the chances are slim that she will ever see him again.

Jason had a high powered job, trapped in a skyscraper he survives by doing regrettable things, he wants to get to California, he wants to get to his girl to save her as millions of corpses lay waste to America.  He finds himself on a train crossing the entire continent. The things he sees are unforgettable, cities in ruins, bodies everywhere, depair and chaos, what hope is there?

Well he still has hope as long as he believes Alex is alive he has hope. He does get to California - will he find his girl?

This story is really kinda romantic, Jason seems to let nothing get in his way to his end goal of getting to Alex.  His journey is beautiful and I know zombie books don't generally get described as this but this isn't a full on zombie novel, it is a romance, a quest set in a world where the undead walk and they do not walk all over the story of these young lovers, they shamble respectfully but still bloodthirstily in the background.

A terrific read.


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  1. What an unusual read! Sounds really good.

  2. It's been a while since I have not heard of this author before or read too many zombie books that I have been able to enjoy except a select few. And although there are zombies in this one it seems like they don't overtake everything in the story so this might be good for me.

    1. Zombies are very much in the background which totally made this for me!


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