REVIEW TOUR - The Hunter of the Dark by Donato Carrisi

Title: The Hunter of the Dark

Author: Donato Carrisi

Publisher: Abacus

Release Date: 5th November 2015

Source: ARC

A brutal killer is on the streets of Rome.

He leaves no trace. And shows no mercy.

A series of gruesome murders leaves the police force in Rome reeling, with no real clues or hard evidence to follow. Assigned to the case is Sandra Vega, a brilliant forensic analyst, struggling to come to terms with the crimes and her own past. Sandra's shared history with Marcus, a member of the ancient Penitenzeri - a unique Italian team, linked to the Vatican, and trained in the detection of true evil, means that the two are brought together again in the pursuit of a malignant killer.

Soon Marcus and Sandra notice the emergence of a disturbing pattern running alongside the latest killings - and every time they think they have grasped a fragment of the truth, they are led down yet another terrifying path.

A sensational new literary thriller from the bestselling author of The Whisperer, this novel captures the beautiful atmosphere of Rome and explores its dark and hidden secrets.

I do love a good murder mystery.  For a book to keep my attention it needs to keep me guessing, the characters need to be realistically in peril, you need to feel that peril and most important of all the atmosphere.

The best atmosphere is dark and brooding, the city of Rome does this amazingly well in The Hunter of the Dark totally changing my view of it for the better!  It is the back drop for this journey that sees forensic analyst Sandra Vega investigate a gruesome murder which turns in to something much, much more sinister.  

A brutal murder in a remote spot, the killer has not done things by halves.  Leaving behind no clues except a woman hanging by a thread to her life and the dead body of her lover.  

Sandra has the job of photographing the scene, not a pleasant job but due to her diligence on this case she is asked to get more involved by her superiors.  This also leads her to Marcus, a member of the Penitenzeri, a team of priests that investigate true evil and when the killer strikes again Sandra and Marcus are in the no doubt that true evil is at work.

Now the best thing about this book is it is not just a straight forward couple of murders and then catch the killer the type of book, this is a book that keeps you guessing as Sandra uncovers a conspiracy at work, together with Marcus they realise that this could be more than just a serial killer, the roots could run deep.  You think you have it figured out and then it takes you somewhere else.

The killer, well that I did not see coming and that is what made this such a great read for me and the fact that it genuinely scared me in parts.  There is also a bit of chemistry going on with Marcus the priest and Sandra, which of course is a big no no but does give an extra something to the story.

This is a great read, a story you can quite happily lose hours in, I did!

Thank you to Abacus for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. A mystery that keeps you guessing, that's always good. I suck at this, I very rarely guess right. So its so thrilling to play detective even if my hunches are wrong.

    1. My hunches are usually wrong but this was a great compelling read!

  2. Oh, this sounds fantastic!! I do really love a good mystery. It's great when you can't figure out what's happening or who the culprit is.


  3. Like you, I do enjoy my mysteries as long as I can never predict what is going to happen or who the killer is! That feeling of not knowing is the best one for me :3

  4. I love a good murder mystery so its awesome to hear that you where able to easily get lost in this book!

  5. Ohh love that Rome setting and I really really love that it kept you guessing. Sounds gritty and a bit scary too!

    1. It was a Rome I had never seen in a book before and I loved seeing it from a darker perspective!


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