SCI-FI MONTH - Review - Luna by Ian McDonald

Title: Luna

Author: Ian McDonald

Publisher: Gollancz

Release Date: 10th June 2015

Source: NetGalley
The new novel from a multi-award-winning writer: a corporate SF thriller and the deepest evocation yet of the terrors and rigours of life on the moon.

Having woven intricate and gripping plots around thought provoking looks at the future of countries like India, Brazil and Turkey, Ian McDonald now turns his attention to the moon. Luna is a gripping thriller about five corporate families caught in a bitter battle for supremacy in the harsh environment of the moon. It's very easy to die on the moon but with its vast mineral wealth its also easy to make your fortune. This is SF that will be perfect for fans of Kim Stanley Robinson and Ken Macleod alike.

Told over two volumes this will do for the moon what the award winning River of Gods did for India, the award-winning Brasyl for Brazil and the award winning The Dervish House for Turkey - it will give it a vibrant, extraordinary and believable future.

I have heard this book compared to amongst others things Game of Thrones and The Godfather, this is high praise, does it deserve it?

Well I can see where the comparisons come from, ruling families fighting against one another though this is not on a battlefield but in the business world and that business is based on the moon, our moon.

Luna describes a chilling life where living will cost you everything, to breathe, to drink, you need to pay to get these basic life functions.  

It is a harsh environment but if you have the money and the cunning you will thrive and if you don't you will struggle to your last gasping breath, selling bodily fluids to pay for the funds for much needed oxygen.

Luna is basically like a massive soap opera in space, there is a lot going on and thankfully there is a list of characters to remind you who is who.  

I'm not going to be able to tell you totally what happens but the general idea is the major ruling families are constantly at war with one another, attempted assassinations, affairs, wheeling, dealing, plotting and scheming but this is all going on against a stunning background of the lunar surface and subsurface.

Ian McDonald has done a great job bringing to life the harsh, unforgiving environment of the moon.  You can feel the constant pressure of the hostile atmosphere on every page.

This was an enjoyable read for me, the moon is often overlooked, in a lot of books they venture further in to the solar system and it was nice to see our neighbour so beautifully described as the setting for this excellent story.

Thank you to Gollancz for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review


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  1. I know the author's name but I never read anything from him - I should !

  2. oh wow, it takes place on the moon? how different o.o and kind of cool, its awesome. I don't think I ever seen a book like this before

  3. This sounds really exciting, and I'm definitely seeing it everywhere at the moment!

  4. Oh I really like the sound of how it takes place on a moon. I agree what you said with how the moon often get's overlooked. I've seen a few sci-fi series where people can live on moons, but I don't think I ever heard of a sci-fi where people live on our moon. It does sound like a chilling and dark world with how you have to pay for everything. And a massive soap opera in space, that sounds fun! I'll have to check this one out! Great review!

    1. Thanks Lola!! It really was such a great read and I love the fact it was on our moon, so many books go to other planets when we have the moon right on our door step!


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