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Welcome to my tour stop for Prisoner by Dennis W. Green! Prisoner is an adult science fiction and the tour runs  with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts.

Prisoner-Cover-HiResAbout Prisoner (Book Two):
Trav Becker is a police detective with multiple lives. Or to be more accurate, he’s a police detective who knows that multiple versions of himself live in countless different streams of existence.

When another Trav Becker appears bleeding and dying at his front door, Trav quickly realizes that something is dreadfully wrong in the multiverse.

Pursued by an FBI profiler who believes (with some justification) that Trav is hiding something, the detective races to save two kidnapped girls while also trying to sort out why he keeps turning up dead.

Desperate to preserve his home timeline, Trav is thrust into a hidden war that threatens to destroy the very fabric of reality itself.

Dennis Green returns to the universe he created in "Traveler" for another mind­bending thriller.


Traveler_CoverAbout Traveler (Book One):
 Blending mystery, police procedural and sci­fi, Traveler is a thriller in the tradition of Daniel Suarez and Dean Koontz, with just a dash of Jim Butcher.

Police detective Trav Becker can travel between parallel realities. So can other versions of him. And one is systematically killing every Trav he can find. Trav must fight to keep the very fabric of time itself from unwinding as he hunts the most dangerous quarry of all... himself.


Of Butterflies, Doloreans, and Grandfathers
Dennis W. Green

Eckels moaned. He dropped to his knees. He scrabbled at the golden butterfly with shaking fingers. "Can't we," he pleaded to the world, to himself, to the officials, to the Machine, "can't we take it back, can't we make it alive again? Can't we start over? Can't we-"

He did not move. Eyes shut, he waited, shivering. He heard Travis breathe loud in the room; he heard Travis shift his rifle, click the safety catch, and raise the weapon.

There was a sound of thunder.

--“A Sound of Thunder,” by Ray Bradbury

For twelve-year old Dennis Green, the final paragraphs of Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” were the most chilling I had ever read.

The first time travel book I remember reading was one in the Danny Dunn series of books, where Danny and his friends accidentally get sent back to colonial America, where they enlist the help of Ben Franklin to return. There was also a delightful causality loop involving Danny’s best friend Joe. Pretty heady stuff for middle-grade. If while in the past, they let slip the secret to making bifocals, it did not seem to pollute the time stream.

But with “A Sound of Thunder,” I graduated to a much more adult, and darker perspective on time travel.

In a nutshell, every time travel story can pretty much be grouped into these two themes:

Danny Dunn: Jaunty trip into the past (or future). You might be trapped and have to find a way back or something, but you get to return to the world you left, with perhaps one small thing changed for comedic effect.

Sound of Thunder: Horrific change to the timeline. if you’re lucky, you figure out a way to fix it. If not, some guy with a rifle shoots you and the butterfly you rode in on.

Back To The Future pretty much hits all sides of the meme, with Marty re-arranging the timeline to gain a life more to his liking, then trying to fix Biff’s attempt to do the same thing. Obviously, horrific is in the eye of the beholder.

I tend to fall into the “no paradoxes” theory of time travel. You can’t go back and kill your grandfather because you didn’t. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be born to have the opportunity. End of story. However, that’s not much fun, and would make for a rather short article.
There are as many time travel theories as there are books and movies about time travel. Back To The Future has always been a fun ride. A personal favorite of mine is James P. Hogan’s The Proteus Operation. A fairly standard take on the “Hitler won WWII” theme, where our heroes come back to 1939 from a beleaguered 1960s U.S., preparing for a hopeless last stand against the invincible Reich, and in the process, create our own timeline. You can figure out the probable ending after reading the first chapter, but the journey is fun.

Also fun are stories like the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations,” where the DS9 crew has to go back and interact with the TOS Enterprise crew without revealing their involvement to the “natives.” In fact, now that I think about it, substitute the Sports Almanac for the exploding Tribble, and you pretty much have Back To The Future II. Although for my money, the best thing about the episode is the revelation that the Federation has a Department of Temporal Investigations.

Lucsly: James T. Kirk.

Captain Sisko: The one and only!

Lucsly: Seventeen separate temporal violations; the biggest file on record.

Dulmur: The man was a menace.

I giggle every time I hear that exchange.

I’m sorry to say that perhaps the least satisfying time travel adventure came from one of my all-time favorite shows, Stargate Sg-1. In the Season Eight two-parter, “Moebius,” as near as I can figure, to save the timeline, Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c die in ancient Egypt. I’m not sure who those people are who continue the series, but they’re not the ones I spent eight years getting to know.

My own books, the Traveler Chronicles, are not time travel per se, but do have at their heart a question that is also core to many time travel stories: Which is better, to patch up the time stream we have, or blow it up and start all over? That’s the question that will be at the heart of the final Traveler book, Hunter.

What is your favorite time travel story, or structure? Tell us about it in the comments!

DennisWGreenAbout the Author:
Dennis Green's first novel, the sci­fi detective thriller, Traveler, ranked in the Top Ten in the 2014 Ben Franklin Independent Publishing awards, and has a 4.9 review average on Amazon. The second volume of The Traveler Chronicles, Prisoner, has just been released.

Trav Becker's saga concludes in the final volume of the trilogy, Hunter, due in 2017. A popular radio personality in his native Iowa, Dennis's adventures as a DJ were covered by newspapers from Anchorage to Los Angeles. He has also worked on the stage, TV, and independent film.

Dennis's writing has appeared in the anthology Sadistic Shorts, magazines including Grift, and Romance and Beyond, as well as his own blog at By day, he is the general manager of Iowa's only jazz radio station, KCCK­FM. And if it's 5:30 am, you can probably find him in the pool, working out with the Milky Way Masters swim club.

Author Web Site:
Author Blog | Twitter @dgreencr | Facebook | GoodReads 

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  1. I have Traveler ! I bought it because of your review, but I have to read it yet :D

    1. Yay! I love seeing that you bought it because of me!! Thank you!!

  2. So many of the authors mentioned are ones I desperately want to read. I do love books with time travel and parallel realities. To me it seems more real I guess. It's stuff that really can happen and perhaps does happen (I think it does). Time travel is maybe more 'far-fetched' but I don't think our time stream is not as it seems. Anyway it's all complicated stuff and super fascinating!

    Thanks for hosting a tour stop!

    1. Time-travel just confuses and thrills my brain!! This is such a great series!

  3. oh this was a fun post, i love the sense of humor.
    I especially loved
    If not, some guy with a rifle shoots you and the butterfly you rode in on.
    Time travel has always fascinated me and the different takes on it I think is refreshing


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