SCI-FI MONTH - Top Ten - My Favourite Doctor Who Episodes

So I love Doctor Who and over the last few years the reboot has provided me with some wonderful entertainment.

I have below my ten favourite episodes, none so far including the Doctor in his latest incarnation.  Peter Capaldi is great but no episodes so far have come to the greatest of the ones below.

Donna is left behind while The Doctor explores the planet of Midnight, the surface is inhospitable, nothing could be living on it......or could they?  Scared me s**tless!

Just brilliant, he is barely in it but those angels make up for it.

Mummy, MUMMMMMMY!!! Those gas mask are the stuff of nightmares, The Doctor has Rose and Captain Jack by his side in this World War 2 story.

The Doctor and Rose land on a strange planet where we meet the Ood and a sign on the wall says Welcome to Hell, a two-parter that is dark and has plenty of hide behind the cushion moments.

The Doctor and Martha arrive on New Earth and visit New New York where the traffic is at a standstill and the Face of Boe is getting very old.

Donna and the Doctor team up but first they need to investigate Adipose Industries, this is a fun episodes with a ton of cute little fat blobs.

Well of course it has lots of books, but this two parter is just wonderful plus I think this was the first time we met River Song and her spoilers.

The episodes in space are always memorable and this one was suitably scary.  Plus the programming of the spaceship doors in this episode was pure gold.

Matt Smith was I think the funniest Doctor and this episode with James Corden was comedy gold.  The Doctor does not make the best flatmate but he is excellent at football.

The Doctor visits Bowie Base One and things get very wet.  Another adventure in space, David Tennant in a spacesuit = adorable!

I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten, do you have a favourite episode?


  1. I haven't watched any Doctow Who episodes so far, although I heard great things about this series! It looks like there are some great episodes, but for some reason the time travel aspect doesn't sound as appealing to me, but who knows I might give the series a try eventually.

    1. I kinda forget about the whole time travel thing, they always seem to be having so much fun I forget when it supposed to be set!

  2. I LOVE DOCTOR WHO. Apart from the last two you mentioned, all of those have been favourites of mine too! I especially liked one with Matt Smith and Amy with the weeping angels, where she started to turn into one herself. Matt Smith had some really epic and clever ones too, especially with the astronaut suit and River... and the whole Amy/River plot line!

    The Mummy epsiode had me scared crazy as a child. My sisters and I, all four of us, crammed into a single bed at night because we couldn't sleep! I also was so scared of the Silence in the Library episode that I couldn't sleep all night and didn't bring myself to watch part 2 of it until like, a year later xd

    Doctor Who <3

    1. Matt Smith was brilliant, he was a total unknown and he really owned the part of the Doctor, along with Amy and Rory they were just epic!

      The whole Amy/River plot was bonkers, time travel really is crazy.

      The Mummy episode freaked me too, but there is always something about gas masks that I find very creepy!

  3. Your favourites are basically all the same as mine! I'd also add the other Angels episodes with Amy and River.

    I really really love the Waters of Mars special. It was so creepy and kind of reminded me of the film Sunshine.

  4. Waters of Mars was totally creepy, I always find the DW episodes in space are wonderfully dark and creepy and this was an excellent example.


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