REVIEW - Extinction Point Series Books 1 - 4 by Paul Antony Jones

It has been a long time since I have taken a series and read it religiously book after book but that is exactly what I found myself doing at Christmas time.  

Yes I quite happily scared myself by reading all about the strange red rain that comes and puts a swift end to most of the world, most of the world with the exception of Emily.

I thought since I read them together I would review the together!

So without further ado lets visit book one......

First comes the red rain, a strange, scarlet downpour from a cloudless sky that spreads across cities, nations, and the entire globe. In a matter of panicked hours, every living thing on earth succumbs to swift, bloody death. Yet Emily Baxter, a young newspaper reporter, is mysteriously spared—and now she’s all alone.

But watching the happy life she built for herself in New York City slip away in the wake of a monstrous, inexplicable plague is just the beginning of Emily’s waking nightmare. The world isn’t ending; it’s only changing. And the race that once ruled the earth has now become raw material for use by a new form of life never before seen…on this planet.

With only wits, weapons, and a bicycle, Emily must undertake a grueling journey across a country that’s turning increasingly alien. For though she fears she’s been left to inherit the earth, the truth is far more terrifying than a lifetime of solitude.

So in book one we are introduced very quickly to Emily, a young woman working as journalist in NYC, her life is about to go to hell. Her job, her boyfriend, everything she loves is about to be wiped out. 

It happens gradually, red rain falls and people become ill, it isn't just happening in NYC, it is global. But this isn't a plague, this is an invasion and for some reason Emily is not succumbing to whatever is killing everyone else. 

In this first book we look at how Emily survives in the city and the horror she experiences as she realises that people are dying because they have become incubators for an alien species hell-bent on taking over.

A promising start with some genuinely freaky alien scenes to scare you senseless.

Reporter Emily Baxter survived the alien red rain that blanketed and annihilated the human race. But after the downpour, and the lethal contagion it spread, came an even greater horror: the rampant transformation of the dead into something utterly unearthly.

With a terrifying new form of life emerging from the mutated landscape, Emily’s only hope is to flee toward distant Alaska where she can unite with the survivors who have reached out to her from a remote science facility. 

The journey from New York will be long and painstaking, and Emily has only her faithful dog and whatever she can carry. But, after discovering a small family of refugees along the way, Emily’s determination to escape the unfolding catastrophe and carve out a new future is renewed. Standing in their way are Earth’s new masters, equally determined to survive and thrive, and possessed of monstrous capabilities Emily and her allies can’t begin to imagine…until they’re face to face with the hideous reality.

In the battle about to begin, there will be no room for mistakes or mercy—only the most ruthless instincts to survive.

Can I call this Escape from New York...? 

Emily leaves the Big Apple and is heading towards Alaska but before she can do that she has to deal with the strange new landscape that has suffocated everything. 

No spoilers but along the way she encounters fellow survivors and acquires a dog - this always worries me, I mean will the dog survive??? She sees a lot of freaky stuff and she takes a crash course (literally) in learning to drive.

This second book felt a lot darker to me, she sees up close what these aliens are capable of and as she makes her escape, the closer she gets to Alaska, well the more freaked I got. There is a real sense of urgency that jumps off of the pages, will she survive?

There is nowhere left to run.

In the wake of the deadly plague that virtually annihilated the human race, a vast red jungle teeming with alien creatures and lethal plants is devouring Earth, swallowing buildings whole and ruthlessly decimating what life remains. 

A witness to the terrifying transformation, survivor Emily Baxter thinks the odds against humanity can’t get any worse.

She is wrong.

So book three see a whole new lot of problems fall in to Emily's lap. She has survived and has managed to make it to Alaska but nothing has changed. The alien threat is still very much at large.

This instalment sees a lot of new characters introduced as Emily and her Alaskan companion make contact with a submarine full of British submariners and they have no idea what has happened to the world.

This book takes Emily and her new "friends" from the cold of Alaska to the warmth of California where the can hopefully find a safe haven and live their lives free from the alien threat....if only life was that simple.

The story continues at full pace, my only gripe would be is that Emily is starting to annoy me a little but that could be because of the introduction of the other slightly more interesting characters.

After an alien invasion devastates humanity, a battered group of survivors huddles in a remote outpost, fighting to endure in a now-hostile world. Resources are dwindling, and internal power struggles threaten to tear apart the fragile last vestige of human society.

Emily Baxter remains haunted by vivid dreams of Earth’s new masters. With these nightmares comes concern for her son, Adam, the posthuman world’s firstborn child—a child who is ominously marked with red-flecked eyes. While Emily’s husband is off on a dangerous mission, she is accused of committing an unthinkable crime and resolves to clear her name by journeying, along with her stepdaughter and their dog, Thor, into the alien wilderness that was once Earth.

All around Emily lurk mysterious new dangers that threaten her and her companions at every turn. Are these perils the final stages of an apocalyptic invasion or the harbinger of something even worse yet to come?

With the end of book three you did get the impression that the series has ended but no there is still more to come. 

The survivors are living in California and they have been joined by many others, the problem of too many cooks comes up very quickly.

Emily is now loved up with Mac from the British submarine and they have welcomed a son, the first child to be born in the scary new alien world. 

Book four is very volatile with the newcomers to the colony very quickly asserting themselves and putting noses out of joint. More people of course means less resources and the survival of the colony comes under threat.

The alien invaders are never far from mind and Emily finds herself making the one journey a mother never wants to take, never mind one in a country full of aliens. 

Once more this was a good read and this series has been consistently enjoyable, yes of course it is far fetched but isn't that the whole point of reading a book about aliens in the first place?

The way this book ended as well makes me think that their could be a fifth book, I hope so as it ends on a bit of a cliff hanger.

Anyway long story short, Extinction Point is a cracking series with thrills and scares a-plenty. Well worth a read.

Thank you to 47 North for sending me these copies in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Sounds good Heather! I think I'll give it a try! It's interesting that the author created more characters that were more appealing than the MC. Thanks for the review

  2. This series sounds a bit too creepy for me, but it does sound really well written. The red rain and how Emily survives sounds intriguing and makes me wonder what's behind it. It sounds like a series that starts and ends strongly. Great reviews!

    1. It is creepy for the first couple of books but it is really a great read!

  3. This series sounds pretty damned good actually. I have heard that red rain is something that makes people sick, in the rare instances that it has occurred. What if it is aliens inventing new illnesses into the population. See this series sounds right up my alley. Plus, Alaska is my favorite location. Thanks for reviewing these!

    1. Alaska is a state that fascinates me, it is so vast and lonely, what is it hiding!!!?


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