REVIEW - My Mystical Wonderland by Eglantine de la Fontaine

Title: My Mystical Wonderland

Author: Eglantine de la Fontaine

Publisher: Plexus

Release Date: January 2016

Source: Publisher 
I am totally obsessed with the whole adult colouring craze, I have lots and lots of books - some good and some bad.  

What I want in a colouring book is good clear pictures on nice thick paper and I am happy to say My Mystical Wonderland fits that bill, it had me at unicorn to be honest.

It is filled with loads of pages full of fantastical flora and fauna from the aforementioned unicorns to dragons and magical peacocks.  It really is beautiful and it is relaxing, the pictures are wonderfully clear and the paper is lovely and thick.

I tend to favour Sakura gel pens and I used the flower page to try them out and the results where great, I can't wait to get started on my unicorn!!!

Thank you Plexus Publishing for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I haven't tried gel pens yet for colouring books, but I heard another person mentioning them this week, so maybe I give gel pens a try too. I usually colour with fine liner pens.
    This colouring book looks lovely, I like the unicorn picture and the flora one looks great too. That's good the paper is thick, then you know for sure your pens won't bleed through. I am curious how you will colour the unicorn :)

    1. Gel pens look really good, I still love pencils but Sakura pens are fantastic! The unicorn I haven't got round to yet, I have some pencils that have more than one colour in them that give a tie-dye effect, may use them!

  2. Very nice book, I have Living in Color which is by Pennypress-I use markers right now but gel pens is a terrific idea!!


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