REVIEW - The Night Parade by Kathryn Tanquary

Title: The Night Parade

Author: Kathryn Tanquary

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Release Date: 1st January 2016

Source: NetGalley
In the shadow of the forest, the Night Parade marches on...

The last thing Saki Yamamoto wants to do for her summer vacation is trade exciting Tokyo for the antiquated rituals and bad cell reception of her grandmother's village. Preparing for the Obon ceremony is boring. Then the local kids take an interest in Saki and she sees an opportunity for some fun, even if it means disrespecting her family's ancestral shrine on a malicious dare.

But as Saki rings the sacred bell, the darkness shifts. A death curse has been invoked...and Saki has three nights to undo it. With the help of three spirit guides and some unexpected friends, Saki must prove her worth or say good-bye to the world of the living forever.

Being totally obsessed with all things Japanese I hoped that The Night Parade would be a book I loved and you know what it did not disappoint at all.

Saki travels with her family to her see her grandmother, a journey that she really doesn't want to take.  As a teen she wants a mobile phone signal, wifi and Starbucks not traditional ceremonies and horrible local kids.

The family are their to take part in the Obon ceremony to honour their departed ancestors, during the festivities Saki meets the local "cool" kids who lead her astray within the grounds of the local shrine.

At the shrine the kids get up to no good trying to get in touch with the dead and generally disrespecting the dead which when Saki's parents catches up with her goes down like a lead balloon.

However all that messing about at the shrine has stirred to life an ancient curse and that curse is about to lead Saki on a night time journey through the most fantastical parade on earth with unorthodox guides who are not quite what they seem.

The curse could lead to her leaving the land of the living forever and she needs to follow her guides and her heart to lift the curse before it is too late.

This book is fantastic from the fantastical detail of the parade to the description of the wonderful food.  Mainly though it is a nice read, Saki is a typical teen from the big city thinking everyone outside Tokyo is not worth bothering about, her journey on the night parade changes her forever.

A wonderful book that will transport you in to a magical parade.

Thank you to Sourcebooks for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. I got this one from netgalley as well and really enjoyed it! I liked learning more about the night parade and the spirits. Although I didn't like Saki at first, she really grew on me. I guess it's normal for a teen to want internet and such, but it did make her a bit hard to like. I am glad you enjoyed this one as well. Great review!

    1. Yep if I was a teen these days I would be demanding wifi, hell I am in my thirties and I demand wifi!!!

      But yes it was a lovely book, really enjoyed it!

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed it too! This was such a fun read. I've been recommending it right and left since I read it. :-)

    1. It was a great read, so glad I read it and I'm gonna recommend it all over too!

  3. So much yes to the realistic portrayal of a 13 year old. The book had just the right amount of visual desciption for me. I think we need to go to Japan for the Obon festival. Super review, Heather, I am so happy you loved this book as much as I did. :)

    1. Can we book our tickets now, I mean I know we haven't actually met in real life and all but we would have a blast!!!

    2. As soon as my son is in graduate school, in about a year and a half, and not on my tab anymore the traveling will commence. I am planning on going to London at some point, do you ever go there on trips?

    3. I have never been to London unless you count flying from Heathrow and Gatwick, and I did see the London Eye from the air!

      I still have so much of Scotland to explore!


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